Deploy my application to cluster of multiple vms using orchestration tools

Kubernetes is orchestration system for Docker containers. This means: I can deploy and scale my application using it, and it will ensure that my application (that consistes of microservices) is up and running. Now I want to use it to deploy my application to a cluster. My cluster consists of 3 virtual-machines that run Ubuntu […]

Docker application support in Hadoop YARN

I need to process a large (terabytes) set of data (mainly images). I was thinking of using Hadoop YARN with HDFS to process these data. The idea is to ingest all the data into HDFS and then submit Hadoop job to process the data. YARN will deploy the processing application close to the data and […]

Returning host IP address into docker contain inside systemd configuration file

Am working systemd configuration file, which needs a parameter of current docker host server. I tried following and it worked fine for me when i run directly docker run -p 5555:5555 -e REMOTE_HOST=”http://`/bin/hostname –ip-address`:5555″ -e HUB_PORT_4444_TCP_ADDR=selhub.stage.internal -e HUB_PORT_4444_TCP_PORT=4444 –name=stage_selff stage_selff But when I tried to add this into systemctl file, [Unit] Description=Selenium node container Requires=docker.service […]

Opening a port from a docker container on AWS to the rest of the world

I’m trying to host a python HTTPS server on Amazon Web Services using Docker. The application “” works well when executed on my local computer on the arbitrary port 8012. The problem is that the required port is not open when I try to run the same application remotely. Here are the configuration files: Dockerfile […]

xmlrpc over nginx w/ scgi

I’m trying to configure rtorrent with xmlrpc using nginx as the web server. I’m running into an issue right now where, when I run this command: xmlrpc localhost/rpc system.listMethods I get a 502. nginx logs this error: connect() to unix:/tmp/scgi.socket failed (111: Connection refused) while connecting to upstream, client:, server: localhost, request: “POST /rpc/RPC2 […]

Do I need to create a new lxc(docker)-container for each task I want to sandbox?

I need to develop backend for programming competition. Users submit their codes to the server and we want to run codes in the sandbox, so they won’t be able to affect neither the server nor each other. The question has two parts: 1. Is that correct, that each time I want to score user’s solution […]

Cronjob not working on CentOS 6.5 Docker container

I’m running cron on my CentOS6.5 Docker container and when I do ps ef | grep cron it shows up so I know it’s running. I have below command after going into crontab -e * * * * * /bin/touch /tmp/env.output This however silently fails and I cannot see any /tmp/env.output Crontab is running as […]

Docker CMD executable 'not found' – LUA

I have successfully built an image and if I go in through bash, I am able to execute “lua” from the command line. Here is part of the build: FROM debian:latest RUN apt-get -y update && apt-get -y install lua5.1 lua-socket lua-sec CMD [“lua”] When I run the docker image, the error I keep getting […]

TravisCI/Docker: parameterized start of docker containers with matrix feature

I have a software that should be tested against a serious of WebDAV backends that are available as Docker containers. The lame approach is to start all containers within the before_install section like before_install: – docker run image1 – docker run image2 – … This does not make much sense and wastes system resource since […]

Tracks stops working when volume is specified

I am trying to get the Tracks Docker image to work. When I run the given command docker run -d –name=tracks -p 80:80 staannoe/tracks, everything goes fine. However, if I add a volume with docker run -d –volume /srv/tracks:/var/www –name=tracks -p 80:80 staannoe/tracks then suddenly it breaks: After doing the docker run, when I point […]

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