Authorization error with AWS

When trying to access an Image in ECR and spin it up(which is handled by someone else’s code) it threw error below. I wish I had more information but all I know is that code which is running on an EC2 instance is not able to spin up my container because it has a missing […]

Sh : file not found on alpine Docker image

I installed Docker on my Raspberry Pi3. I want to install the “registry” image. As I do not find it in ARM, I have built an AMR version. I recompiled the binary from the git I get a functional binary: # registry –version src_docker/go/bin/registry v2.6.0+unknown Then I left the git to customize […]

Invalid parameter value for redirect_uri: Non-public domains not allowed – Spring social login

I added clientID and clientSecret (created in Google Developer console) to application.yml but I couldn’t get it working. In localhost everything go fine but if I put the application on the server the redirect url didn’t work and the redirection used the name of the machine on the server (I used docker). Invalid parameter value […]

Java ee api gets 404 on payara production server

I’m running a java ee application on payara server with docker-compose, the application seems to work normally locally. But when deployed it will give a 404 on all “/api” requests. The jsp files seem to work fine. @ApplicationPath(“/api”) public class SimulationApplication extends Application { } Is there something that could cause this behaviour. I already […]

Trying to set up a local DNS using a Docker container – Stuck trying to connect to it

I have an unRAID server at home that aside from a file server has a bunch of containers and VMs and now I’m trying to mount my own DNS server inside one of those VMs and have my router use that as the primary DNS. Right now I’m following this guide to setup BIND using […]

dotnet core app not writing to WebDAV from docker container

I just finished testing a dotnet core app and it was working perfectly when run locally. Alas, the whole point of this exercise was to get it running on a stable environment. I’ve chosen docker containers on azure (linux) to be that environment. I’ve deployed the app on the azure docker container and all aspects […]

docker dnsmasq wildcard sub domains not supported?

I want any subdomain + main domain to point back to docker localhost for testing in my nginx+php docker Ping should be I do not want manually to add every single sub domain via –add-host –add-host /etc/hosts is NOT enough for me, I really need support why can’t I use […]

How can I copy the files to be in executing directory using Dockerfile?

I am very new to Docker and I do have a project which depends on a .txt file which upto this point I was embeding in project settings and copying in build output directory through .csproj settings. Now, if I want to do the same exact thing(copy the file to Build/output directory) using Docker file […]

Gui application in docker. What about drivers?

I just started to use the Docker and I don’t fully understand how it works. But here’s my problem – I created an image that should start a GUI application. I installed a lot of tools as well as nvidia drivers in that image. And I expected users of my application will not bother themselves […]

Connect to Docker API from Windows to external server

I am working on Windows and on a virtual machine (VirtualBox) I installed Ubuntu server with a Docker. Now I am struggling to define Docker on PhpStorm. It requires connecting to Docker socket which is not working for me. From Windows, I can ping Ubuntu server with Could you give me some advice how […]

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