Failed to get D-Bus connection – httpd service in Docker container

I am creating a Dockerfile for PostgreSQL with CentOS7 as the base image. I am trying to start httpd service with the following command in the container, service httpd start and i get the following error: Redirecting to /bin/systemctl start httpd.service Failed to get D-Bus connection: No connection to service manager. The log file directory […]

How to deploy Spark,That it can make the highest resource utilization

I have 10 servers (16G memory, 8 cores) and want to deploy Hadoop and Spark, can you tell me which plan can make the maximum utilization of resources? the immediate deployment; install Openstack, deploy the environment into virtual machine; using Docker, such as Spark on Docker; I know resource utilization associated with usage scenario, actually […]

Docker/Boot2Docker/Fig + RabbitMQ host issue; pika.exceptions.AMQPConnectionError: [Errno -2] Name or service not known

I have just started learning RabbitMQ and Docker/Fig. I have a very simple example with 3 fig containers, one each for the Rabbit Server, Producer, and Consumer. In /etc/hosts I have set my boot2docker ip to an alias of dockerhost: /etc/hosts dockerhost When I fig up -d the RabbitMQ server, everything works as it […]

Specifying Docker daemon host in Elastic Beanstalk

I’d like to set a proper docker host when running the daemon on boot. Is there any way I can pass runtime flags? Ideally I’d like to reproduce: docker -H -d &

How to access files downloaded on my windows machine from boot2docker?

I have a file which is downloaded from browser. I have boot2docker on my windows machine. From boot2docker, how can i access my downloaded file? Is it possible?

Access to localhost from docker container

I want to access to a local webserver that is outside the docker container. I have a testsuite (casperjs) inside a docker container that open a browser to localhost:8002/etc, but “localhost” here refers to my local machine, not something inside the docker container. How can I achieve that ?

Store `docker run` command output in BASH variable

I’m having an issue storing the output of docker run -it -d -p 43211:3000 –name appname -h hostname -v $PWD/local_dir:/root/remote_dir repo/imagename in a BASH varibale. I tried `backticks`, I also tried running it like the official docs say BASH_VAR=$(docker run …), I even tried storing the output in a file with docker run –…>$FILE_DESCRIPTOR, but […]

How to let Docker containers broadcast their IP addresses or hostnames to each other?

One aspect of Docker that has always made me thinking is what’s the appropriate way to let different containers that collectively make up an application’s architecture about each others IPs and host names. So let’s pretend that we have a Docker deployment topology similar to this: Each orange node represents a Container. All the containers […]

Docker and high performance cluster (HPC) ability

i’m searching a possibility to get the power of 4 HPC-Nodes combined. The nodes are exactly the same, 32 Cores, 128GB RAM. The idea is to give students of our university the possibility to deploy there containers and run there programs on it. I’ve read something about Docker Machine and Swarm, but it’s more like […]

Docker and uPnP

I must be missing something, I try to start a minidlna server within a docker image. I manage to get access to the web interface from another host in the same network, I can do some “nc -u” commands on the UDP port and I see some reactions in the minidlna logs but from my […]

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