docker stop command not working correctly

What is the real purpose of docker stop command?!! After a system reboot, I tried to stop all the docker containers and it says no error about that. But, I see all containers again! See this output mahmood@orca:~$ docker ps -a CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES a95c13863461 780bd4494e2f “/bin/sh -c ‘apt-get ” […]

How to execute .jar from pom.xml from cloned project in Dockerfile

I have this in my Dockerfile: FROM maven:3.3-jdk-8-alpine RUN mkdir -p /usr/src/app WORKDIR /usr/src/app RUN apk add –no-cache curl tar bash wget git RUN git clone RUN cd myproject WORKDIR /usr/src/app/myproject ONBUILD ADD . / ONBUILD RUN mvn install EXPOSE 4568 CMD [“java”,”-jar”,”/usr/src/app/myproject/target/ReadDocFile.jar”] I was able to figure out how to install pom from […]

Docker image load failed?

I installed and started the docker service on my RHEL 6.5 server, but when I try to load the image that I already created, it’s failed with an error, the error message is given below. 0d9a96084b8ea97c37e8dd04b1d41ce1d9f8d5740ceb837cf9fb3912e8b98e95 2015/01/19 02:20:26 Error response from daemon: Cannot start container 0d9a96084b8ea97c37e8dd04b1d41ce1d9f8d5740ceb837cf9fb3912e8b98e95: exec: “bin/test-app”: stat bin/test-app: no such file or directory […]

Mongo running in linux container, stop taking connection.

I am running MongoDB inside the Docker, a linux container. Based on this Dockerfile. I am using the latest mongo release, 2.6.4 installed on Ubuntu 14.04 64bits. I am able to start the mongod, I do have a /data/db folder in the container and the host machine ( even used as mounted folder, it is […]

Jersey UniformInterfaceException when doing a POST with docker-client

When trying to post a RESTful Service via docker-client to my private docker registry i get that error. The confusing thing about that is that the input stream changes itself as you can see here. Its made somewhere in the background of jersey but i cannot find the cause for it. I guess the problem […]

Docker – Multiple MySQL instances/containers running at the same time

Is there a way to allow multiple MySQL instances/containers to run at the same time?

Docker run giving different result to docker build (trying to use 32bit image on 64bit host)

I’m trying to use a 32-bit docker image (from on my 64-bit machine and am getting a result I wasn’t expecting. First up, I’m using boot2docker and have v1.5.0 of the boot2docker image (the current version). My machine is Darwin x86_64. Once docker is all set up: $> docker pull protomouse/debian-i386:wheezy $> docker run […]

Cannot access nginx url within container

I have the following setup Vagrant box with docker installed Docker container up and running and working However I cannot access from my host one of the urls specified in nginx config I can access the grafana one My vagrant file Vagrant.configure(“2”) do |config| = “dockerNoel” config.vm.box_url = “” config.vm.provider :virtualbox do |virtualbox| # […]

How to run a docker container as a daemon starting the rails project built inside?

I’ve built an image with this Dockerfile: FROM rails RUN apt-get update RUN mkdir /home/projects WORKDIR /home/projects RUN rails new hello EXPOSE 3000 And this command: sudo docker build -t=”hello” . Now my question is how to get the container running as a daemon and with the rails server command ?

Docker: no space left on device, but Ubuntu has over 900GB free

I have a dedicated server with about 900gb of free space left. I have about 5-6 images on docker running atm, and I’m trying to spin up another instance for mongo. docker run –name mongo-database -d mongo However, for some reason I get the error docker: write /var/lib/docker/tmp/GetImageBlob907911044: no space left on device. See ‘docker […]

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