Transforming Web.Config in a Windows Docker container

I have a .NET app that uses Octopus to deploy to the server. In this process, Octopus updates some of the values in the Web.Config (API keys, database connection string etc). I’m moving this app into a container on the same server, and the image has been built before Octopus gets anywhere near it. How […]

Deployment of container-images onto docker on kubernetes

I want to upload container-images containing my java applications onto docker using which I will deploy pods. Is there Java API which provides this functionality? I require these two functionalities: Uploading of java images onto docker from outside. Pushing these images onto docker registry. Thanks in advance.

Azure App hosted docker port 25

When creating an Azure App Service with a Docker image. Is it possible to listen on other ports than 80 and 443 from the Docker image? My requirement is that TCP port 25 from the Docker image is externally reachable.

docker-machine AWS can't create machine Error checking and/or regenerating the certs

All of a sudden I can’t create new machines with docker machine on AWS. I can connect to old machines just fine, but when trying to create new ones I get this output: Waiting for machine to be running, this may take a few minutes… Detecting operating system of created instance… Waiting for SSH to […]

How to find out how much RAM a docker run execution consumed at maximum?

I have created a new docker services and am determining its required resources. Since applying the RAM to a new service is greedy–saying the container can have 8GB of RAM it will get them–I don’t want to waste the cluster’s resources. Now I am trying to find out how much RAM a docker run took […]

Is there a way to make docker containers truly fault-tolerant?

I mean fault tolerance as in running a backup container and constantly synchronizing the active containers state (memory) to the passive one, so in case of failure i can failover to the other container without losing active network connections or state of the application running inside the container? I know docker swarm exist, that can […]

docker – multiple projects on one Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml

I’m starting with Docker and in my opinion is great! Now I’m looking solution for this organization: Now I have this structure: Applications | +–app1 | | +–node_modules | | +–package.json | | +–… | +–app2 | | +–node_modules | | +–package.json | | +–… | …. | docker-compose.app1.yml | docker-compose.app2.yml | …. | Dockerfile […]

Call to php function syslog in docker container dosn't work

i’m trying to dockerize my php application. I have a container for NGINX and PHP-FPM. My application writes some log data to the syslog via the PHP openlog and syslog functions like this: openlog(“myapp.test”, LOG_ODELAY | LOG_CONS, LOG_LOCAL5); syslog(LOG_INFO, “This is a test”); closelog(); My docker daemon is configured to use the syslog driver: { […]

Docker : build an image

My container doesn’t want to start again (Couldn’t run auplink before unmount /var/lib/docker/aufs/mnt/6a32630585211a651c406794ad20e7965c59318ea65d485855b8d7925b9f6e40 segmentation fault (core dumped)). So, I will commit it to make another image. But commit doesn’t work too (dockerd process works at 100%, but nothing after 8 hours). So, I can export and I think I have my original image : can […]

How to debug kuberenetes system pod elections on masters?

I’m trying to make SSL work with kubernetes, but am stuck with leader election problem. So I think I should be seeing scheduler and controller system pods somewhere, while all I have is this: kubectl get po –namespace=kube-system NAME READY STATUS RESTARTS AGE kube-apiserver- 1/1 Running 0 18h kube-apiserver- 1/1 Running 0 20h kube-apiserver- 1/1 […]

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