Change Container Assigned IP address

I want to create a container with its own static IP address. I am using this command: $sudo docker run -d -p mysql And the result is: e7e8d812163bfcc333f24bdad23b67382fdb5b9ca57e75cb65d8ed0feb4e2dc3 Error response from daemon: Cannot start container e7e8d812163bfcc333f24bdad23b67382fdb5b9ca57e75cb65d8ed0feb4e2dc3: Error starting userland proxy: listen tcp bind: cannot assign requested address where it went wrong??

How to run a Python web App for Raspberry Pi locally on Mac OSX

This is a pretty specific question, but perhaps there are ideas in here which are more generally useful. Here goes: There’s an open source media presentation program for Raspberry Pi – allows you to hook up a Pi to a TV and upload images to display on the TV. Repo here: Now, I want […]

Edit Files in Docker Container without SSH?

I have managed to break my docker container. My container is based on baseimage-docker and I have placed an infinite loop in the the /etc/rc.local script. Now I need some way to edit the rc.local file inside the container without SSH since the SSH daemon will not run (because it runs after /etc/rc.local). Is there […]

Using service start/stop with Docker

I have a running docker container and I would like to execute : service mongod status/start/stop ..etc I would like to konw why I am having this output: sudo docker exec 29c7bf21111e bash -c “service mongod status” Rather than invoking init scripts through /etc/init.d, use the service(8) utility, e.g. service mongod status Since the script […]

docker run python from container

I took over a project which requires the usage of docker to setup the development environment. The project wiki is primarily written for use with coreos and one of the setup steps involved running a python script. I’m using boot2docker and realised that there’s no python pre-installed with the tcl. However, the image that I’ve […]

Mac Crashes Every Time I Try to Run Boot2Docker

I recently got a new MacBook Pro running OS X 10.10.2, and I installed Boot2Docker 1.5.0 on it. Aside from Chrome, this is the first program I installed on my new machine. However, when I try to run it, the terminal window opens up for a few seconds, saying boot2docker is up, and then my […]

Docker containers – DNS issue

I have problem running any command requiring internet connection within my Dockerfile script (like calling apt-get install xyz), probably due to DNS problems. I’ve already read this thread and added –dns –dns to DOCKER_OPTS. Unfortunately, it didn’t help at all, still having issues connecting. The only solution that works so far is to […]

Postgresql with docker: FATAL: could not read permissions of directory: Permission denied

I’m trying to dockerize a postgresql server while persisting the data on the host. My container works fine without mounting volumes from the host, but it crashes because of permissions with those volumes: FATAL: could not read permissions of directory “/var/lib/postgresql/9.4/main”: Permission denied my docker run command is docker run -p 54332:5432 -v `pwd`/volumes/postgres/log:/var/log/postgresql -v […]

Can't access docker image from EC2 server

I’ve got a standard EC2 Ubuntu server running a basic LAMP stack. I’ve installed Docker and I’m trying to hook up a solr container ( specificly). I have the docker image running ce32c020e7da makuk66/docker-solr “/bin/bash -c ‘/opt/ 10 minutes ago Up 10 minutes>8983/tcp solr5 According to the readme of the solr image I should […]

a user has no permission into its own directories in docker container

I change the uid of a user in a docker container, like this, docker exec DOCKER_ID usermod -u 30001 admin and docker exec DOCKER_ID groupmod -g 30001 admin But from the above picture, you can see the admin user has no permission into its own directories. Can you help me?

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