Options to use latest docker on centos 6?

I would like to try new features in latest version of docker (1.10 for now), like “docker networks” and “docker volume”.

I have CentOs 6 and I CAN NOT upgrade OS due to some restrictions (understand I can use latest docker in centos 7). I do have root permission.

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  • I am wondering what’s the options I have to try latest docker?

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    You can try to use a static binary to run docker, but this is all at your own risk; CentOS 6 runs on kernel 2.6, which is 13 years old now. That kernel misses various things needed to run Docker (e.g. Overlay networking is not supported), and is known for having some issues.

    Note that running docker-in-docker may get you around “installing” docker 1.10, but will still run on the same kernel, so you’ll end up with the same issues

    You could install docker-machine and run docker-machine upgrade default

    As described here

    EDIT – This does not apply to you

    But this question is possibly a duplicate of yours

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