openshift origin v0.3.3 error starting docker registry pod on centos 6.6

I’m running on centos 6.6. When i run:

sudo /opt/bin/openshift start

i see an error:

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  • I0301 22:02:04.738381   18093 pod_cache.go:194] error getting pod deploy-docker-registry-16mttp status: Get http://localhost:10250/api/v1beta1/podInfo?podID=deploy-docker-registry-16mttp&podNamespace=default: dial tcp connection refused, retry later
    E0301 22:02:04.738422   18093 pod_cache.go:260] Error getting info for pod default/deploy-docker-registry-16mttp: Get http://localhost:10250/api/v1beta1/podInfo?podID=deploy-docker-registry-16mttp&podNamespace=default: dial tcp connection refused

    If i do:

    docker ps -a | grep origin-deployer

    then i see:

    b207ce593385        openshift/origin-deployer:v0.3.3   "/usr/bin/openshift-   31 hours ago        Exited (255) 31 hours ago                       k8s_deployment.6c8f5c13_deploy-docker-registry-16mttp.default.api_11ae6e53-bf85-11e4-b8b2-080027bb06ce_8c701fc0   

    so i run:

    docker logs b207ce593385

    and get:

    228 20:06:37.955877       1 deployer.go:64] Get dial tcp no route to host

    If i do:


    it works. If i try:

    it returns:

    404 Page Not Found

    so the server is responsive. If i open the OpenShift Web Console at and Browse the default project it shows one deploy-docker-registry-16mttp pod with a status of Failed. The “IP on node” is and it does respond to a ping. If i run:

    osc describe service docker-registry

    it returns:

    Name:       docker-registry
    Labels:     docker-registry=default
    Selector:   docker-registry=default
    Port:       5000
    Endpoints:  <empty>
    No events.

    it should be returning:


    according to the instructions. When i try:


    it returns:

    PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
    From icmp_seq=2 Destination Host Unreachable
    From icmp_seq=3 Destination Host Unreachable

    Lot of moving parts and i’m new to it so any suggestions would be appreciated. I’ve probably missed one of the configuration steps.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “openshift origin v0.3.3 error starting docker registry pod on centos 6.6”

    It appears to be related to Centos 6.6. When i try the same process on Centos 7 (using netinstall) there is no problem.

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