Octohost with knife solo on bare metal? (UserError: Vagrant not installed)

I want do deploy octohost on a bare metal server. As far as I understand so far knife solo is intended to use ssh to do the chef provisioning direct on a server?

But, when I follow the second step, I get:

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  • ~/octohost-cookbook$ sudo rake knife_solo user=root ip= rake aborted! Kitchen::UserError: Vagrant 1.1.0 or higher is not installed. Please download a package from http://downloads.vagrantup.com/.

    Is there really no way to do use knife solo to install octohost on a machine without the capacity to run VMs?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Octohost with knife solo on bare metal? (UserError: Vagrant not installed)”

    This error is happening because the rake command uses bundle exec to execute. The bundle includes Test Kitchen and kitchen-vagrant, which require the presence of Vagrant to run.

    You can disable these by running:

    bundle install --without integration

    Or by removing them from your Gemfile.

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