not able to deploy k8s pod when tried through jenkins job on GCE

I have created one cluster in google container engine & in that i have deployed one pod having jenkins running in it. then configiured one job which will build,run,push & deploy sample app. so all these job steps are executing except “deploy-sampleapp-step” due to below error

+ kubectl --namespace=production apply -f k8s/services/
error: group map[:0xc820374b60 apps:0xc820374bd0 componentconfig:0xc820374d90 extensions:0xc820374e00 policy:0xc820374e70 federation:0xc820374af0 autoscaling:0xc820374cb0 batch:0xc820374d20] is already registered

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  • So I am using cluster version 1.6.4

    So does anyone has any idea how to escalate this problem
    Thanks In advance

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