Not able to bind to docker container port

I manage to have Windows Server 2016 and Windows Container installed in my VirtualBox for testing.

I also follow the guide here to build an image with iis installed.

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  • However I’m not able to bind port 80 from container to any port in the host, here’s how I run the container with port mapping and result of docker ps command:

    enter image description here

    I also try -p switch without explicitly telling the port mapping, but that doesn’t work either

    I tried to attach to the container and request the default iis web page using wget and everything seems fine:

    enter image description here

    And here’s result of the docker inspect the container, in the exposedports section, it says port 80/tcp is exported, but not sure why it’s not reflected in the host machine. Can someone give me an idea where I go wrong? Or is this a bug from Windows Container? I tried to post in msdn forum but their process of verifying account is really troublesome

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