node.js in a dockerfile cant connect to mongolabs via mongoose: getaddrinfo ESRCH

I have done some googling but haven’t found anything..

My setup is like this:
OS X, boot2docker, everything local except mongolabs database.

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    I am trying to run my nodejs project inside a docker image. I have done this before, but not with a database connection requirement. The problem is that my node app crashes on startup with the information:

        process.nextTick(function() { throw err; })
        Error: getaddrinfo ESRCH
            at errnoException (dns.js:37:11)
            at Object.onanswer [as oncomplete] (dns.js:124:16)

    Does anyone have any idea how to solve this? Is there a DNS flag inside docker that can be set or is anything blocking my connection to the outside?


    I connect to my mongodb on mongolabs through mongoose.

    var configDB = require('./config/database.js');    

    and my passport.js file looks like this:

    module.exports = {
        'url' : 'mongodb://<user>:<password>

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