Nginx proxy pass real ip doesn't work

I run a nginx reverse proxy server in the docker container. And the backend is a apache server running on the host, which is listening 10082 port. Laravel handle the request. And I use


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  • to get real ip. However, the result of visiting the server by http://myip:10082 directly without proxy conflicts with the result of visiting it by reverse proxy.

    The test code in laravel:

    echo $request->ip().'<br>';
    echo $request->headers->get('X-Real-IP').'<br>';
    echo $request->getClientIp().'<br>';

    The result with proxy:

    The result without proxy(the XX.XXX.236.29 is my real ip):


    The configuration of nginx:

    server { 
        listen       80; 
        access_log  logs/myserver.access.log  main;
        location / { 
            proxy_pass http://myip:10082;
            proxy_set_header   Host    $host; 
            proxy_set_header   X-Real-IP   $remote_addr; 
            proxy_set_header   X-Forwarded-For $proxy_add_x_forwarded_for; 

    I’m so confused. Could someone help me solve it. Thanks!

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Nginx proxy pass real ip doesn't work”

    Since you have set the X-Real-IP header in your nginx proxy, it’s the real ip.

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