Nginx + php-fpm: Bad gateway only when xdebug server is running


When xdebug server is running from IntelliJ IDEA, I get 502 Bad Gateway from nginx when I try loading my site to trigger breakpoints.

If I stop the xdebug server, the site works as intended.

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    A short explanation of the setup (let me know if I need to expand on this).

    My php app is running in a docker container, and it is linked to nginx running in a different container using volumes_fromin the docker compose config.

    After starting the app, I can verify using phpinfo(); the xdebug module is loaded.

    My xdebug.ini has the following content:

    I got the ip address for remote_host (where the xdebug server is running) by these steps:

    docker-machine ssh default
    route -n | awk '/UG[ \t]/{print $2}' <-- Returns

    To verify I could reach the debugging server from within my php container, I did the following steps

    docker exec -it randomhash bash
    nc -z -v 5555

    Giving the following output depending on xdebug server running or not:

    • Running: Connection to 5555 port [tcp/*] succeeded!
    • Not running: nc: connect to port 5555 (tcp) failed: Connection refused

    So IntelliJ IDEA is surely set up to receive connections on 5555. I also did the appropriate path mapping between my source file paths and the remote path (when setting up the PHP Remote Debugging server from within IDEA).

    Any ideas? Kind of lost on this one as I don’t have much experience with any of these technologies 😀

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