Nextcould 11 docker “config.php” not working

I’m using the official Nextcould 11 docker, deployed through the Centos 7 Cockpit GUI, and accessible through a Nginx HTTPS reverse proxy with Let's Encrypt setup.

All goes well, but I cannot disconnect. The culprit: the generated URL is in fact the container’s internal address. If I manually replaces the host part of that URL, all works.

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  • So, I created a config.php file into the /config directory, containing the given parameters:

    $CONFIG = array (
            "overwritehost" => "",
            "overwriteprotocol" => "https",

    When I restart the container, nothing changes at all.
    So, What do I have to do to make changes in config.php in that docker container work?

    Thank you very much by advance for your answers.
    Best regards.

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