Nesting variables in Apache config

I’m building a Docker-based Apache proxy, and I’d like the proxied port to be configurable.

I link the containers with --link ...:proxied, so Docker makes the environment variables PROXIED_PORT_80_TCP_ADDR and PROXIED_PORT_80_TCP_PORT. I used ProxyPass / "http://${PROXIED_PORT_80_TCP_ADDR}:${PROXIED_PORT_80_TCP_PORT}/" to reverse proxy to port 80.

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  • I’d like the port to be configurable from the command line, when I start the container. I pass the variable as -e "PORT=...", and it is usable as ${PORT} in the Apache config.

    I’ve tried to nest the variables, like ${PROXIED_PORT_${PORT}_TCP_ADDR} without success, and also using the Define plugin, but still no luck.

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