Mysql python connector is unavailable when running pip install –allow external

While using Python 3.4 in a docker container, I have been using pip install mysql-connector-python --allow-external mysql-connector-python to install the dependency on new containers. Suddenly, however, the command fails saying “Could not find any downloads that satisfy the requirement”. I checked pypi and the dependency is still there, but for some reason pip can’t find it (

Any ideas why it no longer is able to see mysql-connector-python version 2.0.4 anymore and how I can fix this?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Mysql python connector is unavailable when running pip install –allow external”

    “With PEP 470 now requiring files to be hosted on PyPI, you may have noticed that MySQL Connector/Python is now no longer available using the pip-tool.”

    “For now we suggest to download the latest Connector/Python directly from the MySQL homepage”


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