Multiple docker servers using same containers

I have multiple VMs that are all running Docker, and I need them to be all able to start/stop the same container. For example, if I had a text document in one container on one VM, I would need to be able to start and edit that text document on any of the Docker servers (so they are all interconnected). I was thinking I could put the containers on a shared instance, but then I wasn’t sure how to be able to get each Docker server to launch them from there. Any ideas?

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    If you are looking to share data between Docker containers I’d start with either a data volume or a data volume container:

    Data volumes

    A data volume is a specially-designated directory within one or more
    containers that bypasses the Union File System to provide several
    useful features for persistent or shared data:

    • Volumes are initialized when a container is created
    • Data volumes can be shared and reused between containers
    • Changes to a data volume are made directly
    • Changes to a data volume will not be included when you update an image
    • Volumes persist until no containers use them

    Creating and mounting a Data Volume Container

    If you have some persistent data that you want to share between
    containers, or want to use from non-persistent containers, it’s best
    to create a named Data Volume Container, and then to mount the data
    from it.

    You specify a data volume with the -v option to the docker run command. You can then use the --volumes-from to mount volumes from a docker volume container to any other containers you want to share the data with. Full details with examples at the above link.

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