Moving to Docker From SVN

We are currently using SVN for our application development among 6 to 8 developers. Recently we have requirement for developing a new application using Docker.

I have gone through the docker setup documentation and difference between containers and images and how it works.I am bit confused how to use this for a application where team of 6 to 8 developers working if a more than one developer works on a same file how file merging will happen?

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    Don’t use Docker for the source control of your code.

    You should continue using SVN (i’d switch to GIT but whatever) to develop your application. Add a Dockerfile in the repository that defines how you want to build the environment of your application using your source code or built artifacts.

    The only part of Docker which can involve VCS is the Data Volume that you can define in order to share your source with any container you have define in order to build your app.

    That means: you continue developing on your host as usual, using any VCS tool of your choice, but the modifications done to the sources can be share through a VCS working tree which can be mounted as a Volume Container, making those same sources visible to your containers.

    Docker will be the best open platform for developers and sysadmins to build, ship, and run distributed applications.