mount a host volume to a container created through Dockerfile

New to docker, and as per the documentation about Dockerfile, due to portability, it is not allowed to specify a host volume mapping. That is fine, but is there a way to map a host volume (I am in MAC, so say, my home dir /Users/bsr to /data of ubuntu image) to a linux container. The documentation of docker volume is talking only about docker run, but not sure how to add a volume after creating it.

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    On Linux you can simply mount a directory of your host system to a docker container by passing

    -v /path/to/host/directory:/path/to/container/directory

    to the docker run command.

    You can also see it here in the documentation:

    If you are using boot2docker things are more complicated. The problem ist that boot2docker runs a little linux vm to start docker. So if you mount the volume as described above you will mount the directory of the little linux vm.

    A workaround for this is described in the README of the boot2docker GitHub page using a samba share:

    the following worked, with the help of @sciutand.

    git clone
     cd boot2docker/
     docker build -t my-boot2docker-img .
     docker run --rm my-boot2docker-img > boot2docker.iso
     boot2docker stop
     mv ~/.boot2docker/boot2docker.iso ~/.boot2docker/boot2docker.iso.backup
     mv boot2docker.iso ~/.boot2docker/boot2docker.iso
     VBoxManage sharedfolder add boot2docker-vm -name /Users -hostpath /Users
     boot2docker up
     docker run -d -P --name web ubuntu
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