Minecraft Docker Image: game storage persistence

I’m trying to use this Vanilla Minecraft docker image to run a Minecraft server for friends, but can’t seem to get its data to live beyond the lifetime of the container itself.

I am running on an Ubuntu host, and on that host I have created /opt/minecraft where I’d like any outside-of-container persisted data to live.

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  • To test my approaches I would:

    • start the container (commands provided below with each approach I tried)
    • join the server
    • dig a circle around myself as an indicator that I’ve been there
    • disconnect from the server
    • stop the container docker stop generated_name
    • start the container again using the same command as above
    • join the server again
    • is the circle I dug still there / has the world changed?

    I have yet to find an approach that doesn’t lose my data. Here’s what I’ve tried:

    Approach 1: all in one

    I tried just mounting /opt/minecraft as /minecraft in the container:

    docker run -d -v /opt/minecraft:/minecraft -p 25565:25565 webhippie/minecraft-vanilla

    Approach 2: individual volumes

    I noted in the Dockerfile that there are 3 volumes listed:

    VOLUME ["/minecraft/merge", "/minecraft/world", "/minecraft/logs"]

    So after destroying and recreating an empty /opt/minecraft and creating the three folders to mount, I tried this instead:

    docker run -d -v /opt/minecraft/world:/minecraft/world -v /opt/minecraft/merge:/minecraft/merge -v /opt/minecraft/logs:/minecraft/logs -p 25565:25565 webhippie/minecraft-vanilla

    In both approaches 1 and 2 I can see that some files have been created in the folder(s) mounted as volumes (so I don’t think it’s a permissions issue), but it doesn’t seem to be enough to keep my world from being created from scratch again after a container restart. What am I missing?

    I’m also new to Minecraft. Maybe there’s some nuance about the game that I’m missing, instead?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Minecraft Docker Image: game storage persistence”

    Your second approach should be totally fine to keep the world, at least that’s how I’m doing that.

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