Meteor DDP call between containers on same host

This Meteor App server code tries to use the method of another Meteor worker. both the app and the worker are in a separate docker containers on the same server EC2. The worker is running on port 9000.
When the App fires a method appCallingWorker, I expected to see the worker container logs out the string ‘worker called from App’ but all docker logs containerID gives is many lines looking like this:
stream error Network error: ws://localhost:9000/websocket: connect ECONNREFUSED

How can I use the methods of the worker from the App? thx

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  • //App/server/main.js
    let workerConn = DDP.connect('http://localhost:9000');
     'appCallingWorker': () => {'workerMethod');
      'workerMethod': function () {
        console.log('worker called from App');

    The EC2 is a Container Instance in AWS ECS. and the containerDefinitions.portMapings.containerPort and hostPort are both set to 9000.
    edit 2
    iptables -L -n on the docker host shows the ip of the container listening on 9000, I replaced localhost in the code with said ip and now it works. But Said ip can change if host reboot or container restarts… another problem to find a solution for.

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    i had this same problem trying to communicate between docker containers. you’re going to have to use the external ip:port address of the server your containers are on.

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