MESOS / MARATHON / DOCKER – Docker started is wrong & Port Forwarding

I’m a bit new to Mesos / Marathon and I try to integrate it with my Docker Images.

So far : Mesos 0.21 for slave & master / Marathon 0.7.5 and of course, Zookeeper.

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  • I succeed on adding with curl my docker images but, unfortunately, I have 2 main issues:

    1. Even if I have build my image locally (in that case a tomcat7 Docker image) and see the Marathon config that it is well taken into account, the docker image started is not the one expected, it is always a ubuntu:latest image.
    2. How to manage docker port forwarding ? Are we forced to use a solution such as HAProxy ? I see that My Mesos slave uses always the same range of Port (31000 – 32000) for started containers.

    Thank you everyone for support.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “MESOS / MARATHON / DOCKER – Docker started is wrong & Port Forwarding”

    Here is an anwser from ConnerDoyle found on mIRC #mesos :

    ConnorDoyle: Mesos comes with a Docker containerizer that always pulls from a docker registry.
    You can configure the registry that dockerd pulls from in the usual way (via a .dockercfg file)
    * Retrieving #mesos modes…

    Alex: So even if for isntance eerything is in local
    ConnorDoyle: Yeah. You can use any image up on Dockerhub (the default registry for dockerd) or you can set your own.

    AlexFR: I shall define a private registry ?
    AlexFR: or push it to Dockerhub

    ConnorDoyle: Yes, because it assumes you’re on a big cluster and you want to fetch the image from somewhere when the job starts 🙂
    ConnorDoyle: Yeah, pushing to dockerhub is easier probably.

    This answers the first Question.

    Concerning the second , seems that HAProxy is the “standard approach”

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