Memory usage of Docker containers

I am using Docker to run some containerized apps. I am interested in measuring how much resources they consume (as far as regarding CPU and Memory usage).

Is there any way to measure the resources consumed by Docker containers like RAM & CPU usage?

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  • Thank you.

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    Update: See @Adrian Mouat’s answer below as docker now supports docker stats!

    There isn’t a way to do this that’s built into docker in the current version. Future versions will support this via an api or plugin.

    It does look like there’s an lxc project that you should be able to use to track CPU and Memory.

    You can get this from docker stats e.g:

    $ docker stats --no-stream
    CONTAINER           CPU %               MEM USAGE / LIMIT   MEM %               NET I/O             BLOCK I/O             PIDS
    6b5c0fcfa7d4        0.13%               2.203 MiB / 4 MiB   55.08%              5.223 kB / 648 B    102.4 kB / 876.5 kB   3

    Also, you can read resource metrics directly from cgroups.
    See example below (I am running on Debian Jessie and docker 1.2)

    > docker ps -q
    > ls /sys/fs/cgroup/memory/system.slice/ | grep docker-afa03c363af5
    > cd docker-afa03c363af54815d721d938e01fe4cb2debc4f6c15ebff1851e20f6cde3ae0e.scope
    > cat memory.usage_in_bytes
    > cat memory.limit_in_bytes
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