Mattermost docker preview

I am an arch newbie and I have been trying to install preview of mattermost(slack alternative) on docker to try it out. I have been following the official guide.


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  • Install Docker using the following commands:
    pacman -S docker
    systemctl enable docker.service
    systemctl start docker.service
    gpasswd -a <username> docker
    newgrp docker
    Start Docker container:
    docker run --name mattermost-preview -d --publish 8065:8065 mattermost/mattermost-preview
    When Docker is done fetching the image, open http://localhost:8065/ in your browser.

    Unfortunately I can’t open the localhost:8065 service.

    I have listed this issue in error trackers of both Docker

    I installed it on ubuntu 14.04 and still encountering the same problem.

    output of docker info

    Containers: 3
     Running: 1
     Paused: 0
     Stopped: 2
    Images: 2
    Server Version: 1.11.2
    Storage Driver: aufs
     Root Dir: /var/lib/docker/aufs
     Backing Filesystem: extfs
     Dirs: 33
     Dirperm1 Supported: false
    Logging Driver: json-file
    Cgroup Driver: cgroupfs
     Volume: local
     Network: null host bridge
    Kernel Version: 3.13.0-32-generic
    Operating System: Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS
    OSType: linux
    Architecture: x86_64
    CPUs: 4
    Total Memory: 3.767 GiB
    Name: warmachine
    Docker Root Dir: /var/lib/docker
    Debug mode (client): false
    Debug mode (server): false
    WARNING: No swap limit support

    output of docker version

    Version:      1.11.2    
    API version:  1.23
    Go version:   go1.5.4
    Git commit:   b9f10c9
    Built:        Wed Jun  1 21:47:50 2016
    OS/Arch:      linux/amd64
    Version:      1.11.2
    API version:  1.23
    Go version:   go1.5.4
    Git commit:   b9f10c9
    Built:        Wed Jun  1 21:47:50 2016
    OS/Arch:      linux/amd64

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Mattermost docker preview”

    This appears to be an issue with the packaging of the app. It’s been reported on their github

    To rule out any issues with your own docker install, you can always test the port forwarding with something like:

    docker run -it --rm -p 8080:80 debian /bin/sh -c "apt-get update; apt-get install -yq netcat; nc -l -p 80"

    And then in another terminal:

    nc -q 1 8080 <<EOF
    hello world

    If you see a “hello world” on the docker terminal, then your docker install is fine.

    In my case mysql is not yet ready at the time when mattermost starts.

    The solution is to clone the official repo to my local directory > Go into the directory > Edit file and change the line sleep 20 to some higher value like 100.

    After that execute

    docker build -t somename/mattermost .
    docker run --name mattermost-preview -d --publish 8065:8065 somename/mattermost

    If it still doesnt work replace 8065:8065 part with SomeRandomPort:8065 and execute above line with a different name for docker container.

    Thanks to for the solution.

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