Making a docker container a part of a vpn

I am trying to connect my docker container to a vpn in order to access the machines in that vpn. I wonder how could this be done.

I can connect the host machine (machine on which docker container is hosted) to the vpn using the vpn client provided by the cloud provider.

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  • The same vpn client does not work on the docker container. Can someone please help me in finding out the way to get the docker container to become a part of the vpn.

    The vpn server is publicly accessible. I need the docker container to become a part of the VPN just like how the machine hosting the docker container can become a part of the vpn.

    I have multiple docker containers on my host machine and each container should be a part of a separate vpn. Can this be achieved anyway?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Making a docker container a part of a vpn”

    Kontena has built-in VPN access, so if you want an easy solution I suggest you to check it out

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