Make Dockerfile VOLUME behave like docker-compose volumes

I am trying to setup a Dockerfile to mount my host directory to my specified docker container directory (so code changes will be reflected immediately). When I run docker run -p 3000:3000 -d -v ~/Projects/test:/app test the files are mounted and everything works fine. However, once I close the container, the file changes don’t stay within the container like the changes would if I were running volumes from a docker-compose file.

Here is my Dockerfile:

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  • FROM node:onbuild
    EXPOSE 3000
    RUN mkdir /app
    VOLUME ./:/app/
    WORKDIR /app/
    RUN npm install -g nodemon
    CMD nodemon server.js

    Here is a working docker-compose.yml:

      build: ./
        - ./:/app/
      working_dir: /app/
      command: npm start 
        - "3000:3000"

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Make Dockerfile VOLUME behave like docker-compose volumes”

    The VOLUME command in Dockerfile has a slightly different meaning:

    1. you cannot define mounted volumes within a Dockerfile
    2. it’s only used for specifying inter-container volumes

    So in your Dockerfile, VOLUME ./:/app/ must be changed to VOLUME /app/. Your docker-compose definition will tell docker to mount local dir . to /app in the container.

    The -v option and the volumes tag in docker-compose work the same way. The host directory is mounted to a container directory. Any file which was present in the image in the container directory will be replaced by the files from the host directory.

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