Mac OS X & Docker 1.9.1 Insecure registry location

I am trying to configure my Docker instance to allow insecure registries on my Mac. However, in the new installation for Docker, I can’t find which config file to place the

–insecure-registry host:port

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  • I see in some places to put it in the /etc/default/docker file, yet the folder default doesn’t exist. I’ve even tried reating a docker file in the /etc/defaults dir to no avail.

    I could really use some insight. Thanks.

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    Use docker-machine with the --engine-insecure-registry to accomplish this on Mac. If you initially created your machine with name dev you will need to stop and remove it first:

    docker-machine stop dev
    docker-machine rm dev

    Then, assuming your registry was at registry.mydomain.internal:8443 you would create the new machine using:

    docker-machine create -d virtualbox --engine-insecure-registry registry.mydomain.internal:8443 dev
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