Lucee 5, Nginx, and Docker Compose not finding sample index.cfm file

I have set up a fairly vanilla Dockerfile to start with, just to see if I can get the sample index.cfm to run:

FROM lucee/lucee-nginx:preview

And the related docker-compose.yml file:

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  • web:
      build: .
        - "80:80"

    When I run this, I get an Nginx 403 Forbidden error. If I change the ports setting to 80:8080, I get a Tomcat 404 Not Found error.

    I’m lost as to how to get this working with Docker Compose. How can I debug this, or is there a different way that I can configure Docker Compose to get it running?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Lucee 5, Nginx, and Docker Compose not finding sample index.cfm file”

    The newer builds of Lucee 5 work (release candidates especially), so this problem has since “sorted itself out.”

    See the section of the lucee-dockerfiles project for Lucee 5 on Tomcat-8-jre with Nginx.

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