Linux Networking – Docker Container to Remote Host via Gateway without using route add?

I’m struggling with a networking issue.

I have a Docker instance running on with all the containers on the network. With Vagrant you would do something like sudo route add -net netmask gw to access the subnet.

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  • However, when I run route add inside the container I get

    SIOCADDRT: Operation not permitted

    What can I do? Is there anything like Socat? I don’t want to add the NETCAP capability.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Linux Networking – Docker Container to Remote Host via Gateway without using route add?”

    You need the right permissions for this. Apparently, there are at least two ways do do that:

    One from here:

    docker exec --privileged container ip route add default via dev eth0

    The other option is to expose the netns from here:

    pid=($sudo docker inspect -f '{{.State.Pid}}' container)
    sudo mkdir -p /var/run/netns
    sudo ln -s /proc/$pid/ns/net /var/run/netns/$pid
    sudo ip netns exec $pid ip route add default via
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