Link Docker Container across the Host

My SetUP is as Below

Machine – 1 = couch docker

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  • Machine – 2 = Web Docker

    How do I connect / link my Web docker to another systems couch docker?

    I tried Below method, but it isn’t working.

    On Machine-1


    docker network create mynet

    Step -2

    docker run -v /home/user1/db:/var/lib/couchdb -p --net mynet --name couch couch:latest

    On Machine-2

    Step – 3

     docker run  -e DB_URL=http://admin:admin@couch:5984/dbname --link couch:couch  -p --net mynet --name web myweb:lates 

    It gives me below error

    docker: Error response from daemon: network mynet not found.
    See 'docker run --help'.

    Any Idea what can be done?

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