Link between two docker containers in a network

I have a docker network between geoserver and postgres. When I do docker inspect container name I can see the two are linked. When I exec into the geoserver container I can ping the postgres container but when I try to connect to a postgres db from within the geoserver container I get an error

psql: could not translate host name postgres to address: Name or service not known

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  • Here is an example of my docker-compose:

    version: '2'
      image: kartoza/postgis:9.5-2.2
      image: geonode/geoserver
      hostname: geonode-geoserver
        - postgres:postgres
        - "8181:8080"

    I know with docker networks the /etc/hosts file is not populated. How can I enable accessing the database from geoserver container.

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    The geoserver service is probably starting before the postgres service is available.


    You should use a defined network for resolve names without links and use depends_on for postgres start before geoserver.

    in the geoserver service definition change:

    • postgres:postgres


    • postgres:kartoza/postgis:9.5-2.2

    You need to match the service name to the image name

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