Kubernetes pod not binding volumes to container

I’ve got the following ReplicationController JSON defined:

  "id": "PHPController",
  "kind": "ReplicationController",
  "apiVersion": "v1beta1",
  "desiredState": {
    "replicas": 2,
    "replicaSelector": {"name": "php"},
    "podTemplate": {
      "desiredState": {
         "manifest": {
           "version": "v1beta1",
           "id": "PHPController",
           "volumes": [{ "name": "wordpress", "path": "/mnt/nfs/wordpress_a", "hostDir": "/mnt/nfs/wordpress_a"}],
           "containers": [{
             "name": "php",
             "image": "internaluser/php53",
             "ports": [{"containerPort": 80, "hostPort": 9021}],
             "volumeMounts": [{"name": "wordpress", "mountPath": "/mnt/nfs/wordpress_a"}]
       "labels": {"name": "php"}
  "labels": {"name": "php"} 


The container starts correctly when run with “docker run -t -i -p -v /mnt/nfs/wordpress_a:/mnt/nfs/wordpress_a:rw internaluser/php53″.

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  • /mnt/nfs/wordpress_a is an NFS share, mounted on all of the minions. Each minion has full RW access and I have verified that the share is present.

    After creating the pod containers with the Replication Controller, I can see that the volume was never actually bound, and/or incorrectly mounted:

        "Volumes": {
            "/mnt/nfs/wordpress_a": "/var/lib/docker/vfs/dir/8b5dc8477958f5c1b894e68ab9412b41e81a34ef16dac81f0f9d4884352a90b7"
        "VolumesRW": {
            "/mnt/nfs/wordpress_a": true
        "HostConfig": {
            "Binds": null,
            "ContainerIDFile": "",
            "LxcConf": null,
            "Privileged": false,
            "PortBindings": {
                "80/tcp": [
                        "HostIp": "",
                        "HostPort": "9021"

    I find it strange that the container believes /mnt/nfs/wordpress_a is mapped to “/var/lib/docker/vfs/dir/8b5dc8477958f5c1b894e68ab9412b41e81a34ef16dac81f0f9d4884352a90b7”.

    From the kubelet log:

    Desired []: [{Namespace:etcd Name:c823da9e-4437-11e4-a3b1-0050568421eb Manifest:{Version:v1beta1 ID:c823da9e-4437-11e4-a3b1-0050568421eb UUID:c823da9e-4437-11e4-a3b1-0050568421eb Volumes:[{Name:wordpress Source:}] Containers:[{Name:php Image:internaluser/php53 Command:[] WorkingDir: Ports:[{Name: HostPort:9021 ContainerPort:80 Protocol:TCP HostIP:}] Env:[{Name:SERVICE_HOST Value:}] Memory:0 CPU:0 VolumeMounts:[{Name:wordpress ReadOnly:false MountPath:/mnt/nfs/wordpress_a}] LivenessProbe: Lifecycle: Privileged:false}] RestartPolicy:{Always:0xa99a20 OnFailure: Never:}}}]

    Does anyone have experience with this sort of thing? I’ve been driving myself crazy troubleshooting this. Thanks!

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Kubernetes pod not binding volumes to container”

    Solved. The volumes syntax was incorrect.

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