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Boot2docker on windows got “Permission denied” error

I downloaded and installed docker-install v1.1.2 from https://github.com/boot2docker/windows-installer/releases. However I can’t start it, keep getting the “Permission denied” error: C:\apps\Boot2Docker>bash luog@IKARI:/c/apps/Boot2Docker$ ./start.sh initializing… ./start.sh: line 21: ./boot2docker.exe: Permission denied starting… ./start.sh: line 23: ./boot2docker.exe: Permission denied connecting… ./start.sh: line 25: ./boot2docker.exe: Permission denied If I run boot2docker directly from cmd console I got this: C:\apps\Boot2Docker>boot2docker.exe […]

Piping stdout on windows to docker container running linux

I need to pipe the output of a program that only runs on Windows, to another program that only runs on Linux. (The programs are very similar to FFMPEG in functionality so for testing I’m piping FFMPEG stdout on Windows to FFMPEG stdin on Linux.) I am using Docker to run a Linux container on […]

Docker Containers not running on boot2docker boot

Operating system: Windows10 Using: Oracle VM VirtualBox DockerToolbox v1.9.1i Hi, do you know how to start a container automatically at boot2docker boot? I have created a new machine with docker-machine. Then I have run a new container with docker run. It’s all up and and running, but when I shutdown my Windows and try to […]

How to completely reinstall Docker on Windows

I completely broke my installation of Docker on Windows, and I would like to start again from a clean state. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Docker, but that wasn’t enough. I tried the same thing again, but also removing the .docker folder in my home and the virtual machine in VirtualBox. After the first operation, […]

Docker quickstart terminal not opening

I am new to this Docker world.I have installed Docker toolbox 1.8.2a on my windows machine.It has created desktop icon of docker terminal,Virtual box and Kitematic. Now when i click on docker quickstart terminal its not opening giving error. “C:/Program” is not recognised as internal or external operable program or batch file.

Accessing Docker container files from Windows file explorer

How can I access Docker containers Folder and files from Windows file explorer?

Docker on windows – certificate error

When I try to build or run a docker container, e.g.: docker build -t docker.example.com/research/example_project . It leads to following error: Sending build context to Docker daemon 6.513 MB Step 1 : FROM docker.example.com/research/example_project:latest unable to ping registry endpoint https://docker.example.com/v0/ v2 ping attempt failed with error: Get https://docker.example.com/v2/: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority v1 […]

What is the file-system of a Docker container? On which file system does an application running inside this container runs on?

Basically, I am running Docker on my Windows 10 machine. I have mounted a windows directory inside this container to access the files on my windows machine, on which a couple of tasks are to be performed. Which file system runs inside a docker container? Is it the same as that of the OS on […]

Launch a Docker container with a Windows Scheduled Task

Is there any way to launch a Docker container in Windows using the Task Scheduler? The majority of tutorials show this by using a crontab in Linux, is there a Windows alternative?

Running Jenkins slave on different OS than master (and host)

I’m trying to introduce continuous integration in an old project, and we’ve got quite specific situation – it’s possible to put the CI server only on our test server that runs on CentOS. The server has quite a lot of unused RAM and CPU capability. However, we need to run Ant builds on Windows (this […]

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