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convert a Windows solution into windows docker containers

I’m completely new to docker and I’m not a developer. I was asked to port a windows applications solution to windows containers. I have an application that uses A custom service .Net application This first two components need to run on same container and I need to modify the window registry of the container to […]

viewing the GUI in a docker container on windows

I’m trying to install a program on a docker container (host and guest are windows) which the installer doesn’t have a silent option. The only way for me to install the program is by viewing the docker and clicking on the “next” buttons. I searched the web, and found a YouTube video by Microsoft about […]

start apache in start container in windows docker-compose system

In Windows system there is a issue with start container correctly if you created your Dockerfile yourself (in Windows system). For start correctly your docker container you MUST enter this tricks in your Dockerfile (whereas you container kill immediatly after start) : ENTRYPOINT sleep 10000000 | dnx . kestrel But I also want to start […]

Jupyter kernel dead

I use docker in windows paltform and jupyter interactivly train a neural network(with tensorflow). The kernel dead from time to time when the training ephcos becomes aroung 1000(which is far not enough for training). Is there any explaination and solution to this problem? Thanks

docker pull behind shadowsocks proxy

Sitting behind corporation firewall which limit access to docker, github, etc. currently using shadowsocks to access blocked web resource, yingwa as windows client. windows 10 proxy setting (changes made by yingwa client) docker proxy setting: docker: docker -v Docker version 1.12.3, build 6b644ec docker pull error > docker run hello-world Unable to find image ‘hello-world:latest’ […]

My Windows Server Container cannot ping its own host.

My Windows Server Container deployed to a Windows 2016 machine cannot ping its own host. It can however ping other machines on the network. I did initiate the ping from a PS window running inside the container.

Running Windows Server Core in Docker Container

my Linux containers run like a charm, but the change to Windows Server in my Docker container makes me crazy! My Docker file doesn’t build although it is as simple as my linux Dockerfiles: FROM microsoft/windowsservercore #Install Chocolately RUN @powershell -NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy unrestricted -Command “(iwr https://chocolatey.org/install.ps1 -UseBasicParsing | iex)” ENV PATH=%PATH%;%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\chocolatey\bin #Install python RUN choco […]

Unable to create spring boot initialzr project (A org.springframework.web.client.HttpClientErrorException exception has occurred)

I have been following this guide but is unable to create a springboot project: https://jaxenter.com/playing-with-spring-boot-docker-in-netbeans-ide-127672.html I get the following error when I’m trying to create a springboot project: Caused: org.springframework.web.client.HttpClientErrorException: 400 Bad Request; nested exception is at org.springframework.web.client.DefaultResponseErrorHandler.handleError(DefaultResponseErrorHandler.java:91) at org.springframework.web.client.RestTemplate.handleResponse(RestTemplate.java:700) at org.springframework.web.client.RestTemplate.doExecute(RestTemplate.java:653) at org.springframework.web.client.RestTemplate.execute(RestTemplate.java:628) at org.springframework.web.client.RestTemplate.exchange(RestTemplate.java:590) at com.github.alexfalappa.nbspringboot.projects.initializr.InitializrService.getMetadata(InitializrService.java:68) at com.github.alexfalappa.nbspringboot.projects.initializr.InitializrProjectWizardPanel1.getInitializrMetadata(InitializrProjectWizardPanel1.java:122) [catch] at com.github.alexfalappa.nbspringboot.projects.initializr.InitializrProjectPanelVisual1.construct(InitializrProjectPanelVisual1.java:332) at org.openide.util.AsyncInitSupport.run(AsyncInitSupport.java:168) […]

Rename Ethernet Adapter In Docker windowsservercore Image

I’m running a microsoft/windowsservercore container on Windows 10 and trying to rename the network adapter from within the container by any means possible. This would be a simple task via PowerShell with something like the following: Rename-NetAdapter -Name ‘Ethernet 2’ -NewName ‘WuTangLan’ but that gives the following error: Rename-NetAdapter : A general error occurred that […]

Containers IP accessible in local network Docker for Windows (Hyper-V)

i’m using Docker for Windows with Hyper-V I want my containers to be accessible in my local network ( with their own IP (for example and, i’ve tried to change networks Hyper-V settings (‘DockerNAT’) to ‘external’ , but my containers are only accessible in my office with my host’s ip ( How can […]

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