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Windows Containers : Unable to ping containers created with transparent network from other hosts

Environment : Windows Server 2016 in Azure Docker Version : 1.12.2-cs2-ws-beta Kernel Version: 10.0 14393 (14393.321.amd64fre.rs1_release_inmarket.161004-2338) I have created a transparent network with docker network create -d transparent trans and created two containers say A and B in the same network. I am able to ping A from B and vice versa. But i am […]

gem install fails when building an image on Docker for Windows

I’m trying to build a Docker image from a Dockerfile. The image is based on the latest node:alpine image. It installs Ruby and a few gems on top of it. Here is the Dockerfile: FROM node:alpine ENV BUNDLE_SILENCE_ROOT_WARNING=1 BUNDLE_APP_CONFIG=/usr/local/bundle \ BUNDLE_BIN=/usr/local/bundle/bin BUNDLE_PATH=/usr/local/bundle RUN apk add ruby ruby-io-console ruby-bundler ca-certificates \ build-base ruby-dev ruby-json libffi-dev \ […]

Where is the install location of the Windows Boot2Docker Image?

I have proxy issues when creating a new docker machine on a Windows 10 Enterprise with the docker Toolbox installed: docker-machine create -d hyperv mymachine The following error message appears(formatted for better readablilty): (mymachine) Unable to get the latest Boot2Docker ISO release version: Get https://api.github.com/repos/boot2docker/boot2docker/releases/latest: dial tcp connectex: A connection attempt failed because the […]

Docker root folders on Windows location

I have a docker-compose.yml file that has a /data volume and it is specified like this: /data:/data This works perfectly fine. The problem is I don’t know where /data on the host is (host is Windows 10). Under Linux this is perfectly fine and the folder /data can be found in the root folder. I […]

How to support interactive /bin/bash in docker exec command using python dockerpy module on windows?

I am trying to add docker exec and attach command in my python CLI. But I cannot create interactive /bin/bash for exec, attach using python dockerpy for windows. Is there some other python module I can use for it ?

connected host has failed to respond when I run `docker run hello-world` in docker

The lastest version of docker(version 0.6) has been installed in my laptop (windows 10 LTSB) through the installation package docker toolbox. It seems to be installed correctly cause I see the logo of docker when I started the docker quickstart terminal. While when I run docker run hello-world, it returns $ docker run hello-world D:\Program […]

Is Active Directory Domain possible inside Windows Docker Image using Windows Server Core?

Have anyone installed Active Directory Domain on microsoft/windowsservercore image? Is it working – can one add users and can they login via domain? Thanks!

Connect to RPC Server in Docker

Getting started with docker for Windows. Would like to manage/monitor the stop the service in the container with a Services snap-in. FROM microsoft/windowsservercore EXPOSE 135 1024-65535 The container was run with docker run -it –host-name rpc-test myrpc cmd RPCSS Server works on the container. sc query RPCSS Still getting the error: 1722: The RPC server […]

Running composer update with docksal returns lack of memory

When I run composer update in Docksal bash (or fin run composer update) I’m faced with: The following exception is caused by a lack of memory and not having swap configured Check https://getcomposer.org/doc/articles/troubleshooting.md#proc-open-fork-failed-errors for details How do I make composer work?

Installing Docker with script on Windows

I’m attempting to create/find a script that downloads and installs docker on windows. Does this already exist or is it not possible?

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