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How to access docker container service from outside world like from parent windows host machine

As part of “How to access docker container service from outside world like from parent windows host machine ” I followed the following step : 1) On windows machine(10.204.255./16) , I created vagrant VM (172.17.0./24) . Inside vagrant VM I created different docker images based on my requirements. 2) As part of docker image creation, […]

Windows Container networking: transparent network: Unable to curl container

I have created a docker images with following dockerfile FROM golang:1.7.3-nanoserver ADD simplehttp.go C:/gopath/simplehttp.go EXPOSE 8081 CMD go run simplehttp.go By running: docker run -p 8081:8081 simplehttp:v1 I could curl from the docker host(which is the VM) from my PC However: docker network create -d transparent MyTransparentNetwork docker run –network=MyTransparentNetwork simplehttp:v1 I could not […]

Install R on windows nanoserver image using powershell

I need to run some R scripts inside the Docker container. I searched for the available images , but those are only helpful for Linux. But , I need to run those on Windows container, as scripts are dependent on UI which requires .Net support. I tried .\R-3.3.2-win.exe /q /ACTION=Install /IACCEPTROPENLICENSETERMS /INSTANCENAME= MSSQLSERVER /FEATURES=SQL_Shared_MR /IACCEPTSQLSERVERLICENSETERMS […]

Can i use Docker for creating exe using pyinstaller

I am supposed to create an executable for windows, mac and linux. However, I don’t have a windows machine for time being and also I don’t have a mac at all. I do have a Linux machine but I don’t want to change the partition or even create a dual boot with windows. I have […]

Docker + Windows 10

I try work with docker on Windows 10 and I have 2 problems. First: if i try do Dockerfile FROM nginx MAINTAINER Nikita rassamakhin “nrj.tomsk@gmail.com” COPY /nginx-conf/nginx.conf /etc/nginx/nginx.conf COPY /nginx-conf/vhost.conf /etc/nginx/sites-available/default RUN mkdir -p /var/www/ RUN chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/ RUN chmod -R 755 /var/www/ and this docker-compose fpm: container_name: php7 image: php:7.0.2-fpm ports: – […]

Can't make Docker with Python run in windows

I’m using the following command to run python using Docker by the Prompt: docker run -it –rm –name filescreening -v “%cd%”:/usr/src/myapp -w /usr/src/myapp python:latest python filescreening/__main__.py Output: python: can’t open file ‘filescreening/__main__.py’: [Errno 2] No such file or directory I’m executing the command from the FileScreening folder, and i have a filescreening/__main__.py inside. I have […]

Docker image for aspNet core hangs on windows

I am trying to build a docker image for aspnet core on windows(which eventually I intend to deploy on an ubuntu box). I am following the sample “as is” given in following link: deploy aspet core on linux using docker container Problem appears when I try building docker image using following command given in tutorial: […]

Windows Containers, Console host WCF

I would like to put my application in a Windows container. It’s a WCF hosted in a console application. The application crashes when it tries to open the port. I know he must have administrator rights to run the application. I tried this Dockerfile. FROM microsoft/dotnet-framework RUN mkdir /myApp ADD /myApp/bin/ /myApp CMD[“runas”, “/user:administrator”, “myApp.exe”] […]

Docker “Operation not permitted” issue on Windows

I’m trying to use Docker on Windows through Docker Toolbox, but I’m struggling to make it work. I’ve pulled Docker PHP image. For example, this simple ls command fails: $ docker run -it –rm -v /$(pwd):/home/projects php:7.0-cli ls -l /home/projects ls: cannot open directory /home/projects: Operation not permitted Also, any other operation within the mounted […]

Docker Quickstart Terminal: exit status 255

Docker version 1.12.2, build bb80604 When I try to launch docker quickstart terminal, I am getting below error. Can anyone please provide inputs to solve this problem? Error checking TLS connection: Something went wrong running an SSH command! command : ip addr show err : exit status 255 output : ## . ## ## ## […]

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