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Windows Containers – culture settings

I need to run a legacy application on my computer, which requires a specific culture setting in Windows in order to work. I do not want to change the global culture settings in Windows in order to accommodate this application I could run it in a Virtual Machine, but I would prefer to run it […]

docker toolbox on windows then docker run hello-world gets x509: certificate signed by unknown authority

Tried many of the examples but none work for me. My Docker version: C:\>docker version Client: Version: 1.12.2 API version: 1.24 Go version: go1.6.3 Git commit: bb80604 Built: Tue Oct 11 17:00:50 2016 OS/Arch: windows/amd64 Server: Version: 1.12.3 API version: 1.24 Go version: go1.6.3 Git commit: 6b644ec Built: Wed Oct 26 23:26:11 2016 OS/Arch: linux/amd64 […]

Docker Compose (docker-compose) couldn't connect to docker daemon on Windows Server 2016 TP5

I am trying to get docker-compose to work on Windows Server 2016 TP5. I have installed Docker for Windows (not Docker Toolbox) as a service, which works perfectly. I have downloaded the latest docker-compose for windows from https://dl.bintray.com/docker-compose/master/ and put it in the same path as Docker (after unblocking the downloaded file, and renaming it […]

Persist data from docker container to host machine

I am running docker on windows 10 laptop, I’ve set up my first container running Elasticsearch using a Dockerfile and it works. Every time I stop the container and start it again the data is gone. On my windows machine I created a folder in location C:/Docker/esdata and in my elasticsearch.yml I’ve added path.data: /usr/share/elasticsearch/data […]

Run nano server container on a Raspberry PI 3

I have a PI3 and I wan’t to run nano server docker containers on it. Is this possible? Can i install docker on IoT core? Or are there any other solutions for this?

Docker for Windows: ASP.NET site unable to read environment variables defined in Dockerfile

I have an ASP.NET site running in a windows docker container. I want to be able to read environment variables defined in the Dockerfile. (And when staring the container.) I am unable to make it work: Repro: Install and configure software required to use windows containers. Create a new (empty) folder. Create two files (Dockerfile […]

Running a Docker image in PyCharm causes “Invalid volume specification”

I am trying to run a project based on a Docker Image (Tensorflow, following instructions from this tutorial) as described in this blog. The Docker is running fine, but I’m unable to import it in PyCharm (professional, does not work in community version). I get the following error message: Error running main: Can’t run remote […]

docker build hangs in directory with many files

Windows 10. I have in folder just: app (directory with many files) Dockerfile (simpliest docker file) I run “docker build .” and it just hangs. If I remove “app” directory. Build runs ok. In docker file just one line: FROM node Didn’t find any issues like that. It fills like it tries to scan the […]

How can I use Windows Containers for Software Testing?

I’m trying to figure out how to do some software testing on a Windows 10 machine and I’m not sure if what I want to do is possible with Docker or some other technology. If anyone has any advice on if it is possible or not, and what technology I’ll need to do it that […]

Connect to Docker container running mysql on Windows 10

I am using Docker for Windows, on Windows 10 Enterprise. I am trying to connect to a container that is running mysql. I followed the instruction here https://hub.docker.com/_/mysql/ and I used this command to start the container docker run –name memories -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=password -d mysql:5.6 if I type docker ps I get CONTAINER ID IMAGE […]

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