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Docker machine is active, but shown as aborted in Virtual Box

I do not understand, what is going on with docker machine on Windows using docker toolbox. The machine is listed as active, when I run > docker-machine ls But when I go to the Virtual Box and check the machine state, it is shown as aborted. I also can not run the machine directly from […]

Window 10 Docker error during docker run

I am trying to run docker container on windows 10 When I run “docker run -it nanoserver cmd” using elevated Windows CMD shell I am getting following error docker: Error response from daemon: container ea592a56c97f4f2e80ab76e5b7615b4caa5d8a64bc3c704092d243d9b444487a encountered an error during Start failed in Win32: winapi error # 3489661596 (0xd000029c).

Running Docker in PyCharm using Windows and virtualenv (Tensorflow)

I am trying to run Docker in my PyCharm project. My PyCharm project uses Python 2.7, whereas the system default Python is 3.4. I installed Docker through this tutorial. I start the Docker engine using in my virtual env of Python 2.7: docker run -it -p 8888:8888 gcr.io/tensorflow/tensorflow I can access it through my browser […]

Can I use Windows 10 Insider preview to build a docker image

I have a Eclipse App that only installs on Windows, while I have a Mac. I have downloaded the Windows 10 ISO from the insider preview program. Can I use it in docker to build a docker image? What can be the base image? The alternative is to use the VirtualBox, and install windows 10 […]

permission issue with docker under windows

I’m using this scheme : 1/ I’m working on windows 7 2/ I’m using vagrant to mount a “ubuntu/trusty64” box 3/ I apt-get install ansible 4/ I install docker and docker-compose with ansibe 5/ I create a docker image with this dockerfile : FROM php:7-apache MAINTAINER Bruno DA SILVA “bruno.dasilva@foo.com” COPY containers-dirs-and-files/var/www/html/ /var/www/html/ WORKDIR /var/www/html […]

Docker Remote API on windows native

I am using the latest docker for windows native version, ie not using docker-machine. I’m struggle to tell docker daemon to listen on all IP defined on the host. I can reach the remote API using and localhost but unable with other IP. It seems pretty straightforward on linux as you define “hosts”=[“tcp://”] but […]

Run test cases for a tool across a fleet of windows hosts

I am trying to build a solution that will allow me to run test cases for a tool across a fleet of 50 – 100 windows hosts. We specifically want windows hosts here as we are testing the performance of the tool in the Window OS. What would be the best approach to get this […]

Does docker on Windows SBS 2011 write to mounted volume immediately?

I’ve played around a lot with docker on Linux and Mac OS and all worked pretty well. Now I want to setup a small container on a Windows SBS 2011 host system. As of now I don’t have access to that production system and want to know if there’s any special thing I should know […]

Docker networking on windows IP confusion

I’m new to Docker and things are a bit confusing so far. I ran these containers and they work just fine. docker network inspect dockersymfony_default tells the IP of nginx container is I can access nginx with this IP from other containers in network (php, db, …). BUT from the host machine (Windows) nginx […]

Windows Docker Container Sizing and Scale planning

I’m currently running Windows 10 with the new containers, and am looking for help on container cpu and memory usage, both for a relatively lightweight workload and if someone has installed the SQL Server 2014 or 2016 images, what their memory footprint is? I’m just trying to get a better handle on memory requirements, so […]

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