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Mount SMB/CIFS share within a Docker container

I have a web application running in a Docker container. This application needs to access some files on our corporate file server (Windows Server with an Active Directory domain controller). The files I’m trying to access are image files created for our clients and the web application displays them as part of the client’s portfolio. […]

Cannot start docker after installation on Windows

I am a new to Docker. After the installation of Docker Toolbox (OS: Windows 10) I run Docker Quickstart Terminal and in the console I see this: Running pre-create checks… Error wirh pre-create check: “Hyper-V is installed. VirtualBox won’t boot a 64bits VM when Hyper-V is activated. It it’s installed but deactivated, you can use […]

How to get Docker to run on a Windows System behind a corporate firewall?

i’m trying to get a working docker-installation following this tutorial: http://docs.docker.io/en/latest/installation/windows/ So far, I got the VM running with a manually downloaded repository (followed the github-link and downloaded as zip, because “git clone” didnt work behind my corporate proxy, even after setting up the proxy with “git conf –global http.proxy …” – it kept asking […]

Docker on Windows (Boot2Docker) – certificate signed by unknown authority error

I am running Docker on Windows (boot2docker + Oracle Virtual Box). In my corporate environment they modify the certificates so that the CAs are the company’s self signed CA’s. Thus, the chain ends up like this: Company’s CA |__ Company’s Intermediate CA |__ Docker Certificate When I try to run any command, such as: docker […]

HyperV is not available on Home editions

Just got message “HyperV is not available on Home editions” when installing Docker 1.12 As checking about Hyper-V, I wonder is it possible to install separate HyperV on Windows 10 Home and latest Docker to be able to use it. As I understand “Docker for Windows” is now new recommended way to get started with […]

Docker unreachable after computer sleep

I have just installed docker using docker-toolbox 1.8.2 on Windows 10. Due to due to this issue I had to recreate the docker image using these commands docker-machine rm default docker-machine –native-ssh create -d virtualbox default After that it has been working fine, except for one problem: When the PC has gone to sleep and […]

boot2docker on windows missing apt-get / package manager

I’m in boot2docker. I’m not entirely sure I understand it completely, but it seems to be needed for a project I’m on. I’ve ssh’d in, and I tried to do a make on our project, but I got make: not found Then I tried a: apt-get install make And got apt-get: not found Tried googling, […]

boot2docker startup script to mount local shared folder with host

I’m running boot2docker 1.3 on Win7. I want to connect a shared folder. In the VirtualBox Manager under the image properties->shared folders I’ve added the folder I’ve want and named it “c/shared”. The “auto-mount” and “make permanent” boxes are checked. When boot2docker boots, it isn’t mounted though. I have to do an additional: sudo mount […]

How to connect to a docker container from outside the host (same network) [Windows]

I’ve created my first docker container, it’s running a server using Go but I can’t access it from outside the host computer. I’ve just started with docker so I’m a little lost here. So I have a very simple Go code that starts a server, I have built the docker image which installs Go and […]

How to deploy Dockerfile and application files to boot2docker

I’m just starting to learn Docker, and I’m trying to get a simple setup with boot2docker on Windows. I could not find in any tutorial or samples online how to make my project files accessible to the boot2docker VM. I downloaded boot2docker, and succeeded in installing it and getting it up and running. I can […]

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