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Docker on Windows: how to connect to container from host using container IP?

I have Windows 10 Docker for Windows V. 1.12.5 Rev. 9503, which does not rely on boot2docker or VirtualBox anymore. I have a number of JBoss instances running in Docker images ( is a database): instance 1: name: jboss-eap, IP: instance 2: name: jboss-eap-arquillian, IP: that shall be running at the same time. […]

docker-compose on Windows – Container command 'sh' not found or does not exist

Having some odd issues getting docker to behave on a windows host, but on a linux host its fine. Its just a simple node container that can run gulp (and will eventually be attached to other LAMP like containers). my docker-compose.yml version: ‘2’ services: node: build: ./node container_name: cont_node ports: – “35733:35733” volumes: – ~/docker/project/www:/var/www/html/ […]

How to run a Windows GUI application from a Windows VM on a Docker installed on windows?

I have installed Docker toolbox and Installed a Windows 7 VM on my Windows 7 Physical Machine. How can I run a GUI application(Lets say notepad.exe) from this VM? Additionally is it possible to boot into this Windows VM?

Windows Container with Docker: Cannot reach httpd in container from host (Win2016 TP5)

I have a Windows Server 2016 TP5 machine that I use as a container host. I have a Windows Container running that I manage with Docker. Inside this container I have an Apache httpd running on port 88. The port mapping when I start the container is:>88/tcp, so I map port 80 of my […]

Docker Toolbox Exit Status 1 Windows

Installed Docker Toolbox and the virtual box packaged with the toolbox (vbox 5.0.8) on Windows 8. I get the following error when I start Docker quickstart Error creating machine: Error in driver during machine creation: exit status 1 Thanks in advance. I have tried for a while and still stuck Background to the problem: I […]

Docker error: exit status 255

I’m new to docker.I can’t restart virtual machine in docker.I don’t know what ‘exit status 255’ means, while running docker-machine restart vdocker it shows $docker-machine restart vdocker Restarting “vdocker”… Starting “vdocker”… <vdocker> Check network to re-create if needed… <vdocker> Waiting for an IP… Too many retries waiting for SSH to be available. Last error:Maximum number […]

Docker ERROR: Container command not found or does not exist when running from Win10

This is driving me crazy… I have Win10 and I have installed the Docker Toolbox with Docker=1.10.2 Compose=1.6.0 VirtualBox=5.0.14 I have successfully launched the LAMP in Linux [Amazon linux] but when I try to do the same the terminal responds with “ERROR: Container command not found or does not exist” As I understand, there is […]

How to copy files from Windows host to Docker container

Looking for a quick solution to copy local files to a Docker container on Windows. I wasn’t able to find this in other Stack Overflow solutions. You might call this mounting a local drive on Windows within a docker container.

Docker native Windows support?

I have a hard time finding information about this. Somewhere I’ve seen news that Docker has now natively been integrated to Windows. So apparently this means they are not “Linux container” but some kind of “Windows containers”? Does anyone have more information on this?

Run normal Win32 applications in Docker for Windows

I’m a little bit confused about the concept of Docker for Windows. Can I create a docker container for windows (and a windows host like Server 2016) and install a normal windows application into that container (simple: notepad.exe; advanced some more complex application programmed in Delphi)? And can I run this container on every Docker […]

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