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How to run Linux libraries on Docker on Windows?

I am working on Windows and I need to use libraries, which are availible only with Linux (TensorFlow,Caffe). I would like to run the software on Docker. I cannot understand the docker mechanism clearly, so I am completly lost, when its up to my problem. What should I do and how should it work?

Setting up credentials for docker and AWS windows

I’m attempting to set up a docker-machine on AWS from my computer and I want to use the ~/.aws/credentials file to connect and get going. I’m struggling to sort this out though. Can I check the structure of the credentials file. I’m expecting to include the following text: [default] aws_access_key_id = key-pair-name-from-ec2-key-pair-list aws_secret_access_key = <this […]

Docker: Mount volume from Windows host

I use 1.12 version of Docker on Windows, since I can’t use the Hyper-V feature with the newer “native” version – so I have my quickstart terminal and communicate to docker host via the invisible underlying virtual box. Now I have the problem, that I need to mount a local folder to a container, which […]

Docker, running Macos docker image on Windows

I might be missing something, but is there a docker image that can run MacOS (guest) on a Windows Host. Like there is for Linux and others ? I wanted to test MacOS Command Line builds on a live MacOS based system using Docker on a Windows Host I tried to pull from some MacOS […]

Volume binding using docker compose on Windows

I recently upgraded my Docker Toolbox on Windows 10, and now my volume mounts no longer work. I’ve tried everything. Here is the current mount path: volumes: – C:\Users\Joey\Desktop\backend:/var/www/html I receive an invalid bind mount error.

Docker/Rails – Permission denied @ dir_s_mkdir Errno::EACCESS

With Docker, I’d like to set up an environment where I can make changes on local files, while the container serves said files. However, I’ve been getting the following error, after running docker-compose run web: => Booting WEBrick => Rails application starting in development on => Run `rails server -h` for more startup […]

How to connect local container to Docker Swarm remotely

I have Ubuntu 16 server with running docker containers in Swarm mode on it. Server Docker version is 1.12.5, build 7392c3b. I want to create Docker container on local machine (or another Ubuntu server) and give this container access to Docker Swarm network on the fist server to be able to request nodes inside Swarm. […]

How to load docker image from tar file

I have installed Docker for Windows. I was given the task of working on docker of HortonWorks Docker in windows I don’t know. I have downloaded HDP_2.5_docker.tar from here(http://hortonworks.com/downloads/#sandbox) which is 10GB file. How can I load image tar file. I have tried these commands in cmd prompt: E:\>docker import HDP_2.5_docker.tar I don’t know how […]

Creating a docker image for windows that requires execution of setup executables

I am working on a docker image for windows. This image is based on the microsoft/nanoserver image. A few different components should be installed in the image so that containers made from it don’t need to install these components any more. Well, I guess that’s the purpose of every docker image. However, my question is: […]

“Value cannot be null. Parameter name: userName” error when installing MSSQL 2014 Express in Docker

When I try installing MSSQL 2014 Express in Dockerfile, it fails with error “Value cannot be null. Parameter name: userName”. The following error occurred: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: userName Error result: -2147467261 Result facility code: 0 Result error code: 16387 Please review the summary.txt log for further details Microsoft (R) SQL Server 2014 […]

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