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Docker Rails Tutorial generated files not exists

I am trying basic Docker & Rails tutorials on my windows10 home OS with Docker toolbox. Client: 17.05.0-ce Server: 17.06.0-ce And hello-world tutorials works! Now I am trying this youtube tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KH6pcHb6Wug&lc=z12ocxayznynslzjj04chbtgiwbhuf4z5xk0k.1499518307572479 And everything looks okay until I check rails generated project files. In terminal showing like files are generating but when I use the […]

Not getting real file update in vm

I’ve been playing with docker for a while. Recently, I encountered a “bug” that I cannot identify the reason / cause. I’m currently on windows 8.1 and have docker toolbox installed, which includes docker 1.8.2, docker-machine 0.4.1, and virtualbox 5.0.4 (these are the important ones, presumably). I used to be with pure boot2docker. I’m not […]

Azure VM with Docker failing to connect

I’m trying to write a Powershell script to create a VM in Azure with Docker installed. From everything I’ve read, I should be able to do the following: $image = “b39f27a8b8c64d52b05eac6a62ebad85__Ubuntu-14_04_3-LTS-amd64-server-20150908-en-us-30GB” azure vm docker create -e 22 -l ‘North Europe’ –docker-cert-dir dockercert –vm-size Small <myvmname> $image $userName $password docker –tls -H tcp://<myvmname>.cloudapp.net:4243 info The vm […]

Docker and Windows – Problems with SSH on default container

i’m new to Docker and i’ve just intalled Docker ToolBox 1.11.1 on my Windows 7 (64 bit). When running Quickstart Terminal i’ve got problems with creating default container. After reading a bunch of forums i’ve invoked : docker-machine rm -f default docker-machine –debug create -d virtualbox default But still without result. Full logs from last […]

gsub encoding error when running on Linux Docker Container Invalid byte sequence in US-ASCII

I have a string I’m converting from “\r\n” to “\n” line ends using: input.gsub(/\r\n?/, “\n”) When I run it on my Windows host, it works fine. When I run on my Linux host, in a docker container, I get this error: in `gsub’: invalid byte sequence in US-ASCII (ArgumentError) I am running Ruby 2.2.

Can't reach a local website through apache in a docker container (windows & docker toolbox)

I built a Docker image with apache2 and a little configuration in order to run a local web server on windows. Here is the Dockerfile : FROM php:5.6.15-apache RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y \ apt-utils vim git php5-mysql php5-memcache php5-memcached php5-intl \ sendmail aptitude wget RUN apt-get install libapache2-mod-php5 -y -o Dpkg::Options::=”–force-confdef” RUN […]

babel-watch doesn't work from docker container on windows host when mounting a host directory as a network share

I’m using docker on Windows and my src directory is mounted as a network share inside the docker container (as opposed to COPY). So /var/app/server inside the docker is actually a network share whose actual location on my host is C:\…project\server. [sidenote, I’m not familiar with how docker works on linux, like does it still […]

Running windows containers and linux with the same docker client [closed]

Is there a way to run both windows docker container engine and Linux docker container engine on Windows And use the same cli for commands to both? So I can spin up linux and windows containers with the appriopriate engine? For example run docker pull microsoft/windowsnano and docker pull ubuntu?

docker – does it bypass instance-checking limitation like virtual machine

QUESTION For instance-checking, does docker provide same level of abstraction as a virtual machine? BACKGROUND I have some software that is license-limited to one instance per machine. I know that if I install N virtual machines, I can have N instances of this software running on the same machine. Is the same true of docker? […]

Docker can't pull image from repository

I have trouble with docker. Im trying to create a new instance of rethinkdb on docker. I used the origin command from dockerfile github. $ docker run -d -p 8080:8080 -p 28015:28015 -p 29015:29015 dockerfile/rethinkdb But it returned error about image not found from the repository. Any advice for this issue? Thank everyone OS version: […]

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