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How to map the current host directoy to a Docker container on Windows?

I’m looking for an easy way to map the current directory when you start a docker container on Windows. I know that you have to use the version, but you have to create it manually. Normally you use the full “cygwin-ified” version to the current directory: docker run -v /c/Users/username/currentdirectory:/currentDir imageName The problem is that […]

Boot2Docker Image (Ubuntu) Download Very Slow on Windows 8.1

I’ve just installed boot2docker on Windows 8.1 Trying to run : docker run ubuntu /bin/echo ‘hello world’ Download ubuntu image takes a very long time. I have 9 mbps download speed but after waiting for 10 mins, still it downloaded only following : 4.324 MB/ 65.77 MB 1.621 MB/ 65.77 MB 1.080 MB/ 65.77 MB […]

Running Boot2Docker on windows, can't connect to the VM ip

I can’t make Docker run the Hello-world or any of server-connection things, as you can see it gives me the client version but at the time of giving me the server version it just can’t connect… I have boot2docker 1.7.0 and running on Windows 7.

How run Docker with sync folder on Windows

Well using Kitematic on Windows and starting the container hello-world-nginx. I’m totally able to edit the file on Windows and see the modifications at the browser. But when I create some image and try to edit the file (html), nothing happens. Here’s the command: docker build -t a-example . && docker run –name a-example -i […]

Docker is not correctly binding ports on windows

I am beginning to move my project to a docker container in order to be able to develop more stuff without depending too much on the OS I’m using. This is the way I run my container: docker run -d -v “$(pwd)/app:/app” -v “/c/Users/Geoffrey/Projects/go:/go” –name “server” –link mysql:mysql -p my/server:latest Quickly, my program executes […]

How can I use GPU in Docker image with Theano launched from Windows host?

I want to run Theano via Docker image on my PC with Windows installed. The Docker image contains Ubuntu system, CUDA drivers and Theano (https://hub.docker.com/r/kaixhin/cuda-theano/) but in order to use GPU in my algorithm I need to attach Nvidia devices to the image: docker run -it –device /dev/nvidiactl –device /dev/nvidia-uvm –device /dev/nvidia0 kaixhin/cuda-theano Is there […]

What is the overhead of using docker on windows, since I still have to download virtualbox

I am trying to build several components in docker who have indirect or direct dependencies after which I have to perform testing.I am using windows as my OS and have installed docker in that. What is the overhead of using docker on windows, since I still have to download virtualbox.

Play Framework app in Docker is not working

I have a container running a Play! Framework 2.4 stage app perfectly running in Ubuntu 12.04 host. After I achieved this, I try to migrate the container to a Windows 7 host following the instructions in the Docker docs web. This container has Apache and MySQL running and those services are up and running nicely. […]

Can't access docker-machine IP on Windows

I’m using Docker Terminal on Windows running a container from my nginx image and when I access the docker-machine IP on my browser I get “CONNECTION_REFUSED”. This is command that I used to run the container docker run -it -d -v /home/user/html:/usr/share/nginx/html -p 80:80 myimage

Docker Like DB Deployment

I’ve just finished setting a dev environment where every developers /feature/, /bugfix/ and /hotfix/* git branches are automatically built and deployed to a freshly provisioned Windows Container which hosts the webapp and services creating a test environment, for each branch to be validated before merging into master. While this is working quite nicely, I’ve still […]

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