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Docker Compose with Rails hanging up on command

I’m following the Docker Rails tutorial via https://docs.docker.com/compose/rails/#build-the-project (using Windows 10 Home) EDIT: Just a note, I am using docker-toolbox because Docker requires Windows 10 Pro for Hyper-V, and I have Windows 10 Home edition. I have gone through the tutorial several times, and each time I run docker-compose up, it gets hung up and […]

Failed to load OSETUP.dll when installing Excel in Windows docker container

I am trying to install Office Excel in a Windows docker container. I got the exact same problem as described in here: https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/411089ad-3085-4250-945f-3afd678afc74/error-failed-to-load-dll-coffice2013propluswwosetupdll-errorcode-1260x7e-when-install?forum=windowscontainers. Basically, I also start a docker container microsft/dotnet-framework, and and set the installation to be silent in the config.xml file. Then, I am installing Excel using the following command .\setup.exe /config excel.ww/config.xml […]

Determining if a process runs inside windows/iis

Is there a way to programatically / using bash scripts to identify that we are running inside a Windows based Docker Container (namely, microsoft/iis)?

How to connect to SSHD inside a Docker container from Windows?

I have a Ruby on Rails environment, and I’m converting it to run in Docker. This is largely because the development machine is a Windows laptop and the server is not. I have the Docker container mainly up and running, and now I want to connect the RubyMine debugger. To accomplish this the recommendation is […]

How do I move where Docker Images are stored under Windows 2016

I’ve automated creation of VMs for my developers, and I want to distribute this base image, and script the creation of the secondary drive to as large as they want for container storage. I can’t figure out how to change the default docker image folder from the C: drive to the E: Data drive. Hopefully […]

Has anyone been able to establish a WinRM remote powershell session to a Windows Docker container?

I have two non-domain VMs. Both running the same version of PowerShell. One of the VMs is hosting a transparent-networked Docker container of WindowsServerCore. The non-Docker VM has * for the trusted machines. The Docker container has Enable-PSRemoting run and is hosting a self-signed certificate. Both Docker VM ports 5985 and 5986 are accessible to […]

I can't see inside the container with a vnc

I have a script in php that raises an image of docker (havnesvo / slimerjs) and it passes a .js since the slimer needs a js to boot. When I expose the container and try to see inside with vnc send an error: The host refuse the connection. My script look like: bash SCRIPT=”script.js” docker […]

Docker build leads to “no space left on device” on Windows 10

I´m facing a weird problem when I want to build my image on Windows. I haven´t used docker for anything else, so the installation can be considered as fresh. There are no volumes at all and no images yet. When I´m trying to build my application from my Dockerfile, it finishes with this error docker […]

dockerize c#.NET desktop application

I have a C# desktop application running on windows7 system. Recently i have been thinking to move this to docker container. I have seen some announcements with respect Micrsoft server 2016, which provides native support of docker. I have seen some terms like ‘Nano server’ also,which is i think denoting a baseline windows os runtime. […]

Docker-machine cannot connect to default machine (Windows)

I have problem with using docker-machine after windows update on my Windows 8.1 Enterprise. I’m using Docker Toolbox 1.12.5. I can run docker with no problem, but after windows update docker-machine cannot connect to default machine. I can see in VirtualBox that default machine is running, but when I tried to run docker-machine env default […]

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