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Docker Daemon for Windows

I want to explore Docker development targeting Windows containers. I understand Microsoft has put out the Tech Preview for Server 2016, but am wondering if there are other options for Docker containers running on Windows?

Can't execute boot2docker command on TeamCity command line build step

I am trying to add docker commands on TeamCity build steps using the normal command line option. I have Windows environment so I have to use boot2docker. I can execute the command like: “C:\Program Files\Boot2Docker for Windows\boot2docker.exe” ssh docker images on Windows command line. It will return a list of my docker images. However, I’m […]

Why the Linux total storage auto increase?

I had a Docker Image including a KVM and a windows.img of qcow2 format. And launched a container based on the Image, then I could connect to the windows by remote desktop connection. Theoretically, running a container doesn’t take any storage, only when writing to windows can add storage in this case. But curiously, I […]

How to map the current host directoy to a Docker container on Windows?

I’m looking for an easy way to map the current directory when you start a docker container on Windows. I know that you have to use the version, but you have to create it manually. Normally you use the full “cygwin-ified” version to the current directory: docker run -v /c/Users/username/currentdirectory:/currentDir imageName The problem is that […]

Boot2Docker Image (Ubuntu) Download Very Slow on Windows 8.1

I’ve just installed boot2docker on Windows 8.1 Trying to run : docker run ubuntu /bin/echo ‘hello world’ Download ubuntu image takes a very long time. I have 9 mbps download speed but after waiting for 10 mins, still it downloaded only following : 4.324 MB/ 65.77 MB 1.621 MB/ 65.77 MB 1.080 MB/ 65.77 MB […]

Running Boot2Docker on windows, can't connect to the VM ip

I can’t make Docker run the Hello-world or any of server-connection things, as you can see it gives me the client version but at the time of giving me the server version it just can’t connect… I have boot2docker 1.7.0 and running on Windows 7.

How run Docker with sync folder on Windows

Well using Kitematic on Windows and starting the container hello-world-nginx. I’m totally able to edit the file on Windows and see the modifications at the browser. But when I create some image and try to edit the file (html), nothing happens. Here’s the command: docker build -t a-example . && docker run –name a-example -i […]

Docker is not correctly binding ports on windows

I am beginning to move my project to a docker container in order to be able to develop more stuff without depending too much on the OS I’m using. This is the way I run my container: docker run -d -v “$(pwd)/app:/app” -v “/c/Users/Geoffrey/Projects/go:/go” –name “server” –link mysql:mysql -p my/server:latest Quickly, my program executes […]

How can I use GPU in Docker image with Theano launched from Windows host?

I want to run Theano via Docker image on my PC with Windows installed. The Docker image contains Ubuntu system, CUDA drivers and Theano (https://hub.docker.com/r/kaixhin/cuda-theano/) but in order to use GPU in my algorithm I need to attach Nvidia devices to the image: docker run -it –device /dev/nvidiactl –device /dev/nvidia-uvm –device /dev/nvidia0 kaixhin/cuda-theano Is there […]

What is the overhead of using docker on windows, since I still have to download virtualbox

I am trying to build several components in docker who have indirect or direct dependencies after which I have to perform testing.I am using windows as my OS and have installed docker in that. What is the overhead of using docker on windows, since I still have to download virtualbox.

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