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How to access files downloaded on my windows machine from boot2docker?

I have a file which is downloaded from browser. I have boot2docker on my windows machine. From boot2docker, how can i access my downloaded file? Is it possible?

Saving a Docker image with boot2docker

For starters, I’m pretty new to Docker. I’ve created a simple image which I would like to share. As publishing to the hub is not an option, I’m trying out the docker save command. I’m on Windows 7, so I’m using Docker with boot2docker. Saving an image does not work. I’ve tried the following commands […]

Could I use docker or something similar to deploy windows application?

I am running a game on Windows, and it requires every OS can only run one. And If I want to run more, currently I open vmware and run the game inside. But the problem is it takes too much memory and disk to run a whole another virtual OS. I know docker will reduce […]

Boot2docker : image don't save

I’m starting to play with docker on my PC (windows 7) so I’m using Boot2Docker, but when I stop the VM all my work are remove. My questions are: Why ? How to solve this problems ?

How to call a container, running on a virtual machine, from a Windows browser?

I have Windows 7 operating system and have set up Docker. Docker starts on the virtual machine. I create some containers on Docker and test them on the command line, for example: curl localhost:9200 Now I want to test this container from a Windows browser http://localhost:9200 How do I call the container, which is running […]

windows docker pull EOF

I installed boot2docker on Windows and I am having problems pulling images. I get an EOF error both when directly pulling and when trying to run directly (in that case Docker guesses it has to pull an image). Any ideas why this might be? I put my Docker version and info below:

Docker – Mount Windows Network Share Inside Container [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: Mount SMB/CIFS share within a Docker container 2 answers

Docker Daemon for Windows

I want to explore Docker development targeting Windows containers. I understand Microsoft has put out the Tech Preview for Server 2016, but am wondering if there are other options for Docker containers running on Windows?

Can't execute boot2docker command on TeamCity command line build step

I am trying to add docker commands on TeamCity build steps using the normal command line option. I have Windows environment so I have to use boot2docker. I can execute the command like: “C:\Program Files\Boot2Docker for Windows\boot2docker.exe” ssh docker images on Windows command line. It will return a list of my docker images. However, I’m […]

Why the Linux total storage auto increase?

I had a Docker Image including a KVM and a windows.img of qcow2 format. And launched a container based on the Image, then I could connect to the windows by remote desktop connection. Theoretically, running a container doesn’t take any storage, only when writing to windows can add storage in this case. But curiously, I […]

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