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Can’t push to docker hub (authentication required)

I’ve just installed Docker on Windows 10 few days ago. Seems I am able to login to my Docker Hub repo (by entering winpty docker login in my git-bash on windows). It says “Login succeded”. But after I try to push (docker push myrepo/myproject:sometag) it says finally “authentication required”. I’ve googled and researched yesterday whole […]

docker works only in the Quickstart Docker Terminal

I have Windows 10 64 bit and when I use docker on the Quickstart Docker Terminal all works, but when I use it on Node.js command prompt or on the Windows Command Prompt docker doesn’t work because it doesn’t find an IP. For example when I write “docker-machine ls” on the Quickstart Docker Terminal the […]

Docker can not run on Windows 10 linux child system

I just install the Windows 10 Anniversary update which has a new feature that linux child system. So I try to run docker in Windows 10 ubuntu bash(linux child system). Why I want to install docker in linux child system is because: Windows 10 native docker 1.12 need Hyper-V, but Vmware couldn’t run if Hyper-V […]

How to mount directory in docker (Hyper-V, tensorflow container)

I have been using docker toolbox with OracleVM. I just switched to Windows 10, and am trying to user Hyper-V. To mount directory when I had OracleVM and Docker Toolbox, I did this: Mounting directory from windows machine to OracleVMBox for Tensor on Docker And it worked. However, I am lost again. So, I installed […]

Docker on Windows 10 doesn't start

I just installed Docker to my Windows 10 PC. But when I try to run Docker with the shortcut on my desktop I get an error like this. When I checked Windows Features Hyper-V is enabled. I restarted my PC several times but no luck. There is no virtualization software on my PC like Virtualbox […]

Docker not response after long not using on windows 10 host

I use dock4windows (with HyperV) on windows 10 Pro. My project is a PHP application which use 2 container docker. I don’t have problem with docker on executing and working time. But after a long break time (after launching or long meeting) my docker become not accessible. I lock my screen windows during this not […]

Network slowness between Docker container and localhost

I’ve configured Docker container on Windows 10 with Hyper-V as a virtual machine provider. Everything was working superb but one day, suddenly the network connection between docker container and localhost extremely slowed down. A simple website loads in around 4 minutes! I have no idea where is the problem and where to find solution. Is […]

Running docker and 64 bit linux VM on my host windows10

As you all know Docker runs natively on windows 10 OS. This requires Hyper-V to be enabled. I did that and docker is running fine on my win 10. I wanted to run a 64 bit linux VM on my win 10. So I downloaded the oracle virtual box and ubuntu iso and when I […]

Connecting to a Docker Container from Windows 10 VirtualBox virtual machine

How do I connect to a docker container running on a mac to a virtual box virtual machine running Windows 10? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Nathan

Docker root folders on Windows location

I have a docker-compose.yml file that has a /data volume and it is specified like this: /data:/data This works perfectly fine. The problem is I don’t know where /data on the host is (host is Windows 10). Under Linux this is perfectly fine and the folder /data can be found in the root folder. I […]

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