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How to access Docker web app from host OS?

I’ve followed the tutorial on the docker.io website here: http://docs.docker.io/en/latest/examples/python_web_app/ How would I access this app from a browser on my host OS?

Mariadb-10.0 install fails in boot2docker with “policy-rc.d denied execution” but works in Docker

I’m trying to setup a Vagrant + Docker based development environment on OS X 10.9. The first step is to create a container for MariaDB 10. However, for some reason, the Docker image won’t build in the boot2docker VM on my OS X machine even though it works perfectly fine on Ubuntu 14.04. I’ve tried […]

Cannot access nginx url within container

I have the following setup Vagrant box with docker installed Docker container up and running and working However I cannot access from my host one of the urls specified in nginx config I can access the grafana one My vagrant file Vagrant.configure(“2”) do |config| config.vm.box = “dockerNoel” config.vm.box_url = “http://files.vagrantup.com/precise64.box” config.vm.provider :virtualbox do |virtualbox| # […]

Virtualize Kickstart Server

I have a cluster of computers and I am using one of them as a kickstart server. I configured DHCP/TFTP/FTP on it and it worked fine. When you boot any box in the cluster and choose to boot from network, it will reach out to that kickstart server, lease an IP, install OS..etc. However, using […]

Source code changes in kubernetes, SaltStack & Docker in production and locally

This is an abstract question and I hope that I am able to describe this clear. Basically; What is the workflow in distributing of source code to Kubernetes that is running in production. As you don’t run Docker with -v in production, how do you update running pods. In production: Do you use SaltStack to […]

can't run fig up it always gets killed

This is a painful error as it takes a long time to get to this point and there is no visibility into what went wrong. Does anybody have suggests on locating the cause of this crash? Logs? I assume downloading the parent container is the main bottleneck. Can I short circuit this so that subsequent […]

Dart lang app with open stack / docker / vagrant

I’m newbie for these techs (open stack / docker / vagrant), not sure if I understood them correctly (most likely did not), for me I understood it is something like having a portable application to run it with same development configuration to ensure all the development team have same setup, but did not understand, what […]

how to create a vagrant box which is not already in the list http://www.vagrantbox.es

I understood vagrant as the virtual box definition language(correct me , if I am wrong) My initial query is I want to create vagrant box for cent os 7 http://www.centos.org which is not already on the list http://www.vagrantbox.es How can I do that ? Can I run a vagrant box created in virtual box as […]

Dockerizing an SSH Daemon Service using my own key

I am building an image based on ubuntu14.04, try to enable ssh on the container. I am following the tutorial: https://docs.docker.com/examples/running_ssh_service/ But this tutorial only shows how to ssh using password, I want to use my own key to ssh into container instead of password. So I can do something like this in the vagrantfile […]

deis images with dependencies of etcd have error executing bin/boot script: “waiting for etcd at :4001…”

I’m building a Deis cluster with 3 nodes on CoreOS as recommend the Readme Section with Vagrant, but when I execute: make run some error occur on registry.service. After some time inspecting deis/image, I found that all image with dependencies of etcd have the same problem, all images fail or still waiting on execution of […]

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