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adding firefox image to the subuser

I followed all the steps to create subuser given on subuser.org I am not able to create firefox image and not able to restrict the access to the Downloads folder as given in the video and documentation Please provide me with the solution. i need it for my project

Whois with NodeJS Docker Image

I’m trying to get Whois working in NodeJS on a Dockerfile. I’m using Whois-UX (which just spawns a whois process with the whois linux command. I’m using the “node:argon” docker image, but it doesn’t have whois installed. There doesn’t seem to be a way to apt-get install whois inside the image either. I then tried […]

Transmission WebUI 409 in Docker Container

So, I’ve set up a docker container on my server host to act as a transmission-daemon seedbox. I installed openssh and transmission-daemon on the official Ubuntu 14.04 container. I forwarded port 9091 on the container to the host so I could access the container remotely, and I set up transmission-daemon with the following settings.json file: […]

Docker service won't stay alive

I have some problem on my ubuntu 14.04. When i do $ sudo service docker start docker start/running, process 30447 And after $ sudo service docker status docker stop/waiting I tried to puge/autoclean and reinstall docker-engine that always have this problem Thank you 🙂 EDIT My /var/log/upstart/docker.log time=”2016-04-28T14:21:36.327412687+02:00″ level=info msg=”previous instance of containerd still alive […]

docker insecure registry daemon not using flag

I have an insecure registry running at testcluster.myurl.name:18079 a docker login testcluster.myurl.name:18079 fails with no valid certificate found and suggests to specify the –insecure-registry flag for the daemon. However, I already specified the flag (on Ubuntu) in /etc/default/docker my DOCKER_OPTS=”–dns –dns –insecure-registry testcluster.myurl.name:18079″ are set and the daemon was restarted. Still the problem […]

Using gitlab ci with docker compose leaves me with container generated folders gitlab can't remove

I’m trying to set up gitlab ci using the method documented here and testing a rails 4 app with it. The problem I’m having is that the test will run once and build the image and containers, but when I try to run the test again it will fail with: gitlab-ci-multi-runner 1.1.3 (a470667) Using Shell […]

Send keystroke to Dockerfile, Ubuntu

I’m creating Dockerfile script and it has a command line that executes a program and requires user input 1 from keyboard as selected option to go to further steps. Xdotool, man yes or expect cannot help in this situation. Update source-code: First off, download and extract RevoMath library, navigate to RevoMath folder then execute the […]

Docker container not able to ping my remote machine

Basically i have machine remotely that have list of jars hold .Once you go to that IP address you can download the jars. Now coming to the problem i went to the docker container to check whether my site is available to that docker.by terminal command “ping jarholder.xxxxx.com” it comes up error unknown host jarholder.xxxxx.com […]

Docker daemon can't start after installing Kubernetes in Ubuntu

We have used Kubernetes ubuntu provider scripts to deploy multiple nodes cluster After installing with kube-up.sh, the script try to override the /etc/default/docker and docker daemon fail to start with this configuration DOCKER_OPTS=” -H tcp:// -H unix:///var/run/docker.sock –bip= –mtu=8951 –insecure-registry –insecure-registry tobe.com -H tcp:// -H unix:///var/run/docker.sock –bip= –mtu=8951″ If we start from command line, […]

'sudo: no tty present and no askpass program specified' error?

I have installed a lemp docker container w/ Ubuntu 16.04, Nginx, Mariadb, & PHP 7.0, and have set up postfix and basic ssh capabilities that all work fine. I have created a non-root user with sudo privileges (in the sudo group), but when I try to use sudo I get the error sudo: no tty […]

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