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Version of Ubuntu being used in a docker container

I’m trying to figure out the version of Ubuntu being used in a docker container. This Verfiy the version of ubuntu running in a Docker container mentions cat /etc/lsb-release which gives: cat: can’t open ‘/etc/lsb-release’: No such file or directory and uname -r gives: 3.13.0-119-generic FWIW, uname -a gives: Linux <container id> 3.13.0-119-generic #166-Ubuntu SMP […]

Docker .Net Core app on Ubuntu not opening in localhost:8000

I am working on Ubuntu 16.04 and I have a docker app with .Net Core on Windows and am trying to get it to run on Ubuntu. I have docker and .Net Core running without error. When I run “sudo docker-compose up” it runs the server and is listening on “http://+:80.” But I can’t open […]

Using Docker with nodejs with node-gyp dependencies

I’m planning to use Docker to deploy a node.js app. The app has several dependencies that require node-gyp. Node-gyp builds these modules (e.g. canvas, lwip, qrcode) against compiled libraries on the delivery platform, and in my experience these builds can be highly dependent on the o/s version and libraries installed, and they often break a […]

docker attach – turn tty false to tty true

I am running a docker container and on inspecting it. I find “Config”: { “Hostname”: “amb1.service.consul”, “Domainname”: “”, “User”: “”, “AttachStdin”: false, “AttachStdout”: false, “AttachStderr”: false, “Tty”: false, “OpenStdin”: false} Is there any way to attach to this container interactively?

Ubuntu Core 16 on Raspberry Pi 3 cannot connect to Docker daemon

After setting up fresh Ubuntu Core 16 raspberry Pi machine. Using image from Ubuntu Core web page. And installing Docker on it with snap: snap install docker I am not able to use docker, as I get an error: Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at unix:///var/run/docker.sock. Is the docker daemon running? Docker service status […]

lsb_release of the host OS in a Docker

I want to get the Operating System that I’m running on inside a Docker. This is what my docker-compose looks like and I’m inheriting from the python:2.7 image version: ‘2’ services: robot-configuration-interface: build: ‘.’ restart: always network_mode: ‘host’ ports: – 8000:80 environment: – REDIS_HOST=localhost – DEBUG=true volumes: – ~/logs/fetchcore-server:/var/log/supervisor – /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock – /opt/ros/indigo:/opt/ros/indigo – /etc/environment:/etc/environment […]

Sending mail using GNU Mailutils inside Docker container

I have created a docker image where I install the mailutils package using: RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y mailutils As a sample command, I am running: mail -s ‘Hello World’ {email-address} <<< ‘Message body’ When I am executing the same command on my local machine, it sends the mail. However, in docker container, […]

PDAL: filters.outlier: Unexpected argument 'extract'

I am trying to filter outliers from a point cloud with using filters.outlier. PDAL is version 1.5 and is installed and used through Docker in ubuntu 14.04. When running my pipeline script { “pipeline”: [ “data/input.ply”, { “type”: “filters.outlier”, “method”: “statistical”, “extract”: “true”, “multiplier”: 3, “mean_k”: 8 }, { “type”: “writers.ply”, “filename”:”data/output.ply” } ] } […]

Kubernetes pod running out of memory when writing to a volume mount

I have a Kubernetes cluster that takes jobs for processing. These jobs are defined as follows: apiVersion: batch/v1 kind: Job metadata: name: process-item-014 labels: jobgroup: JOB_XXX spec: template: metadata: name: JOB_XXX labels: jobgroup: JOB_XXX spec: restartPolicy: OnFailure containers: – name: worker image: gcr.io/…/worker volumeMounts: – mountPath: /workspace name: workspace resources: limits: cpu: 500m memory: 1Gi […]

Get CPU/Memory percentage of a docker machine

I’d like to know how i can get the cpu and memory percentage of a docker machine remotely using a docker command. Typically a docker stats but with the infos of the machine and not the infos of containers. Thanks a lot !

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