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Passing or setting password parameter to mercurial during docker build

I’m trying to setup a docker image, and my codebase resides in bitbucket. The problem here is mercurial asks for password to clone the repository. After researching a bit, found out that during docker build process, it doesn’t allow the user to enter anything. The command stops just after hg clone asking for authorisation. Any […]

Restoring package state without upgrade to keep Docker Container small

As a step of a Dockerfile I need to install the build-essential package (if not available) and run make. To keep the footprint of the container nice and small; I would also like to remove build-essential and all resulting dependencies when done. Simply removing it with apt-get remove followed by autoremove does not work; most […]

docker run -it bash -c 'Function from sourced file'

I have a file with couple of functions inside a docker container. I want to run: docker run -it 06b68ae1c601 bash -c ‘function1′ but the output is ‘/bin/bash: function1: command not found” I have placed ‘source /pathtofile’ in /root/.bashrc, /root/.profile /etc/bash.bashrc but the file is still not sourced. Also tried to run bash –login option, […]

Docker container data lost on host restart

I have docker container with redis server running on ubuntu server that keep track of a counter that is incremented by a node js app also running in a container. It works well when i launch my ubuntu host all the containers redis + nodeapp are automatically started. Visiting an url, I am able to […]

deploy wso2esb in docker container with kubernetes

can someone help with how to deploy wso2esb in docker container with kubernetes? currently im running only one node/master at local machine with ubuntu server 14.04 LTS if im running with this sudo docker run –name esb isim/wso2esb it instantly trigger the service inside the container but if im running with this kubectl run esb1 […]

Docker Ubuntu Build File Errors

I am building a docker Image using the following File # Version: 0.0.1 FROM ubuntu MAINTAINER Walid Ashraf RUN apt-get update RUN apt-get upgrade RUN apt-get install -y git libprotobuf-dev libprotobuf-c0-dev protobuf-c-compiler protobuf-compiler python-protobuf I keep getting the following error: Reading package lists… Building dependency tree… Reading state information… E: Unable to locate package libprotobuf-c0-dev […]

Building a Docker Image results in error while trying to install libwww-perl i.e., perl-modules_5.14.2-6 and perl_5.14.2-6 Not found

I need the package libwww-perl when my ubuntu image is created in docker. So in my Docker file, I added the line RUN apt-get install -y libwww-perl However when I’m trying to build this Docker image sudo docker build -t web-service:latest . I end up with below error. Error: Step 3 : RUN apt-get install […]

Cannot access a Kubernetes postgresql service from the outside

I’m using Docker 1.10.1 and Kubernetes 1.0.1 on a local bare metal computer with Ubuntu 14.04, and I’m still new on this. That computer is the Kubernetes master as well as the node I’m using to make tests (I’m currently making a proof of concept). I created a couple of containers (1 nginx and 1 […]

Use Docker with my Ubuntu 14.04 (web access)

I’ve installed Docker on Ubuntu 14.04 by using repositories. I have version 1.6.2 build 7c8fca2. I’ve launch my image with command : docker run -p 80:80 -v /workspace/private/workbench/:/current private/client This image launch a webserver I need to access… So I need the Docker’s container’s IP. When I type : docker inspect 8f1526ff5287 I have this […]

(spotify:1): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: unix

I try to run the spotify docker container. I have docker 1.11.2 installed on Ubuntu 14.04 VM. I’m on MAC and I’m using SSH to connect with my VM. It’s working fine but when I try to run the docker container I get an error: ubuntu@ubuntu-virtual-machine:~$ docker run -it -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix -e DISPLAY=unix$DISPLAY -v /dev/snd:/dev/snd […]

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