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installing `lightdm` in Dockerfile raises interactive keyboard layout menu

I have the following Dockerfile: # Pull from CentOS RPM Build Image FROM ubuntu # Update the image RUN apt-get update -y RUN apt-get install lightdm -y The problem I have is when I’m building this container with docker build -t dumbcontainer ., at some point I get an interactive menu for choosing a keyboard […]

Vaultier is unusable for docker/ubuntu/debian (Python)

I am looking for a good Password safe for my Company. I wanted to test Vaultier, but it newer works as expected. Neither with Docker or other Platforms. There is always and error, if its Docker i get that output. I’m no python specialist, but making pip install –upgrade made the installation just missing the […]

docker stop doesn't work for node process

I want to be able to run node inside a docker container, and then be able to run docker stop <container>. This should stop the container on SIGTERM rather than timing out and doing a SIGKILL. Unfortunately, I seem to be missing something, and the information I have found seems to contradict other bits. Here […]

Correct way to start docker daemon listening to specific port

I´m new to docker and want to start it in daemon mode listening to a specific IP-adress and port. In the documentation it is said that this can be done by writing sudo /usr/bin/docker daemon -H It then says that I can list running containers with this command docker ps. If I try this […]

tomcat7 fail to start inside Ubuntu Docker container

The initial situation In Ubuntu (14.04 / 14.10) a ran the following commands: apt-get update && apt-get install tomcat7 service tomcat7 start On the one hand I tried this in a VirtualBox VM and tomcat7 startet as expected: vagrant init hashicorp/precise32 vagrant up On the other hand I tried this inside a Docker container, started […]

Device or resource busy – Docker

When doing apt-get -y upgrade on a new Ubuntu 14.04 machine with the ubuntu:latest (Xenial) image, it raised an error: Setting up makedev (2.3.1-93ubuntu2~ubuntu16.04.1) … mv: cannot move ‘console-‘ to ‘console’: Device or resource busy makedev console c 5 1 root tty 0600: failed I’ve a fresh install of docker on a fresh Ubuntu 14.04, […]

difference between building a docker from ubuntu base image and python base image?

Docker newbie here. I was reading the documentation on how to setup Django webapp using Docker and I realized that the dockerfile uses FROM python:2.7 Can I still use the same dockerfile contents but change it to FROM ubuntu:14.04 and make it work with python 2.7 or 3.4 for Django 1.8.1?

Docker error: Unable to locate package git

I’m using an image nginx which is based on dockerfile/ubuntu. On attaching to the docker container’s shell docker exec -it <container_id> /bin/bash I want to do a git pull so I tried installing git but apt is unable to find the package: root@a71e45d5cd40:/# apt-get install git Reading package lists… Done Building dependency tree Reading state […]

How to preserve apt-cache archive directory when using docker / host volumes

The use case is fairly straightforward. I am dockerizing our local provisioning (which utilizes chef to configure our ubuntu servers). I am using a few data volumes to share host directories that I want as a cache for the docker containers: eg: docker run -d -P -h docker -v /foo/apt-cache:/var/cache/apt/archives foo:base However, the debian package […]

Installing imagemagick in docker container

I’m trying to use ImageMagick on my Ubuntu 14.04 server for resizing an image before uploading to s3. I’m running everything inside of a docker container that’s being created by Wercker. The problem is I’ve already installed it on the server, and installed it in the Wercker build for the docker container, yet my EasyImage […]

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