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How to SSH into running container using docker

I’m trying to SSH into my running Jenkins VM which I have created with a Dockerfile. I need to see the filestructure and copy the /var/lib/jenkins folder out to my shared folder. How do I achieve getting into the VM?

How do I configure ssh proxycommand correctly to run docker exec?

I have a host defined in /etc/hosts called web1. There is a docker container with the name store. While on my workstation I can ssh into the machine and execute the command to enter the container interactively like this ssh -t -t web1 docker exec -ti store /bin/bash It properly drops me right into the […]

Docker error response from daemon no such file or directory while docker load

I have created a tar file from docker image and try to load into another system docker. Code i used for create ubuntu.tar file is docker save then i copy that tar file into another system ubuntu system’s home path. then try to load it into docker using command docker load < ubuntu.tar but it […]

Starting Docker Daemon Through Ansible

I’ve been working on an ansible playbook to start a private docker registry but I’m having an issue getting docker to run. The problem that I’m coming across is that the docker daemon isn’t starting properly. I’m trying to start the docker daemon on an aws ec2 instance which I’ve done in the past. The […]

Build docker behind VPN

At the project I am at now, we have Github Enterprise set up behind a VPN, so I use OpenVPN to connect with my desktop (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS), but when I try to build with Docker (using Centos6) I always get ssh: Could not resolve hostname github.xxx.xxx: Name or service not known. I’ve looked at […]

Dokku Environment Variables

In one of the dokku plugin’s (specifically the dokku-shoreman plugin), I see references to variables like $APP, $1. Where are these variable stored? I accidentally deleted all of the docker containers and images on my server and after re-deploying, dokku-shoreman is no longer working, instead exiting with status code 1. I think these variables may […]

Docker service not starting after installation on Ubuntu 15.10

I’m having trouble getting docker up and running on Ubuntu 15.10 as per the instructions here. After doing a sudo apt-get install docker-engine I get the following: Setting up docker-engine (1.10.2-0~wily) … Job for docker.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See “systemctl status docker.service” and “journalctl -xe” for details. invoke-rc.d: initscript […]

docker-compose – unable to attach to containers

Using below docker-compose.yml file if I run “docker-compose up” or “docker-compose up -d” command then I see both containers status as exited however when I run docker restart <postgres-containerId> then its up and running but when I try to run docker restart <java8-containerId> then its restarting and again exiting. Could you please suggest what parameter […]

what do the docker default iptables mean afer docker maiden installed on Ubuntu 14.04?

After I maiden-install the docker on Ubuntu 14.04, the docker pre-install some iptables in the iptables, can someone help to explain about these docker-added rules?what is the usage for each of the rules? # iptables-save # Generated by iptables-save v1.4.21 on Tue Apr 5 12:52:32 2016 *nat :PREROUTING ACCEPT [1345:188285] :INPUT ACCEPT [1332:187243] :OUTPUT ACCEPT […]

Nancy slow first request of any route (not just first request) on mono

I’m hosting a simple nancy website (self-host, console app) inside docker on ubuntu 14.04.1 via mono 3.10. Nancy version 1.1 The first time I hit any route, it takes approx. 1 full second to return. Subsequent requests to the same route take ~15ms. I don’t just mean the very first hit to the application, I […]

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