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Docker can not run on Windows 10 linux child system

I just install the Windows 10 Anniversary update which has a new feature that linux child system. So I try to run docker in Windows 10 ubuntu bash(linux child system). Why I want to install docker in linux child system is because: Windows 10 native docker 1.12 need Hyper-V, but Vmware couldn’t run if Hyper-V […]

docker container not able to write on host machine

If I run the following code, I can convert the csv file into a format that I require. import csv import json csvfile = open(‘/tmp/head.csv’, ‘r’) jsonfile = open(‘/tmp/file.json’, ‘w’) fieldnames = (“user”,”messageid”,”destination”,”col1″, “col2”, “code1″,”code2”, “mydate”, “status”) reader = csv.DictReader( csvfile, fieldnames) for row in reader: jsonfile.write(json.dumps(row)) When I run the code at command prompt, […]

Docker – automount guest's fstab entries on boot

I have set up my docker ubuntu image and run it in privileged mode. My problem is: inside my container, I’ve added a CIFS share entry inside on fstab file. If I manually run mount -a from inside my container, the volume will be mount ok… but, at startup of my container (from docker) the […]

Generate all locales in a docker image

How can one generate all locales in a debian/ubuntu based docker image? locale-gen doesn’t accept the -A/–all option as described here: http://www.linuxhowtos.org/manpages/8/locale-gen.htm. dpkg-reconfigure locales has an option to generate all locales in the interactive mode, but this is not available in a Dockerfile. Just generating English or a fixed set of languages isn’t enough and […]

Setting up a local docker swarm w/o physical network

I’d like to use the swarm orchestration shipping with 1.12 on my notebook. I’d like to set it up as a one node swarm which I want functional no matter if the machine is on any physical network or not. I am already running a bunch of containers on the system. My physical network is […]

How to store data in external drive with Docker Postgres:9.3 image?

I want to setup my database inside a container using the Postgres:9.3 docker image, however I want to store my data in external drive. I attempted it using the command `docker run -dit -p 5432:5432 -v /mnt/external/docker_volume:/var/lib/postgresql/data –name mydatabase postgres:9.3` Container got created as it echoes the container id, but it is not shown as […]

I am trying to assign an ip from our corporate LAN to a docker container

I have followed this “Poor Men’s Routable Container IPs for Docker Clusters” guide to get my container to get an IP from our corporate LAN. Everything seems to work, I am able to ping the container from the host and host from the container but I cannot reach anything else from within the container, including […]

Share folders between host and container in docker for Windows

I’m using the lastest Docker for Windows, which needs Hyper-V to be enabled, and virtualbox cannot be used in this case. I’ve installed the the ubuntu container and started it, I want to mount C:\Users\username in the docker container. I’ve tried the following methods. docker run -t -i -v /c/Users/username:/mnt/c ubuntu /bin/bash docker run -d […]

Dockerfile not able to build on Ubuntu 14.04 but does fine on Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04

I have the following Dockerfile – FROM ubuntu:16.04 RUN apt-get update -y && apt-get install -y \ python-pip \ python-dev \ python-lxml \ build-essential \ qt5-default \ libqt5webkit5-dev \ xvfb \ git RUN pip install –upgrade pip && pip install \ lxml \ xvfbwrapper \ flask \ bs4 \ dryscrape # copy all files to […]

How to start docker container in memory?

Is it possible to start container in memory? If yes how I could do it? I want to start container with DB inside (Postgresql) for testing purpose. P.S. I use Ubuntu 16.04

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