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why run exec command?

What is the reason for this error? I dont understand . Command runs two pods but not running ubuntu pod? vagrant@vagrant:~$ kubectl get po NAME READY STATUS RESTARTS AGE cassandra-2p4m0 0/1 Running 1 1d k8s-master- 3/3 Running 6 1d nginx-app-6q4cn 1/1 Running 0 1h nginx-i3bja 1/1 Running 4 1d ubuntu-app-nuuyh 0/1 Running 11 1h vagrant@vagrant:~$ […]

Can't import own python module in Postgresql plpython function

I created my own python module and packaged it with distutils. Now I installed it on a new system (python setup.py install) and I’m trying to call it from a plpython3u function, but I get an error saying the module does not exist. It was working on a previous Ubuntu instalation, and I’m not sure […]

Setting Mesos DNS on ubuntu

I am trying to set up Mesos DNS after a few week of playing around with containers. I got some trouble with the DNS, even if it is said to be ‘light and easy’ :-s Following the docs : https://mesosphere.github.io/mesos-dns/docs/ http://programmableinfrastructure.com/guides/service-discovery/mesos-dns-haproxy-marathon/ I got into several issue, the first of one being that port 53 is […]

Docker is not correctly binding ports on windows

I am beginning to move my project to a docker container in order to be able to develop more stuff without depending too much on the OS I’m using. This is the way I run my container: docker run -d -v “$(pwd)/app:/app” -v “/c/Users/Geoffrey/Projects/go:/go” –name “server” –link mysql:mysql -p my/server:latest Quickly, my program executes […]

Expose environment variables to Apache and PHP

Background I’m trying to use Wercker to run my test for a PHP application. Wercker uses Docker containers to setup a test environment to execute tests in. It uses Environment Variables to expose the connection params for any connected services like MySQL and Elasticsearch. Example MYSQL_PORT_3306_TCP_ADDR = My core Docker containers is running Ubuntu […]

error response from daemon: no such container: dionaea

I am working on T-Pot 16.03 which is a bundle of honeypots working in dockerised format for research purposes. This is running on Ubunutu 14.04 .4 LTS. http://imgur.com/Esc7w9A As you can see, container dionaea has stopped working for no reason at all. I did not modify anything from the machine in the last three days […]

Passing or setting password parameter to mercurial during docker build

I’m trying to setup a docker image, and my codebase resides in bitbucket. The problem here is mercurial asks for password to clone the repository. After researching a bit, found out that during docker build process, it doesn’t allow the user to enter anything. The command stops just after hg clone asking for authorisation. Any […]

Restoring package state without upgrade to keep Docker Container small

As a step of a Dockerfile I need to install the build-essential package (if not available) and run make. To keep the footprint of the container nice and small; I would also like to remove build-essential and all resulting dependencies when done. Simply removing it with apt-get remove followed by autoremove does not work; most […]

docker run -it bash -c 'Function from sourced file'

I have a file with couple of functions inside a docker container. I want to run: docker run -it 06b68ae1c601 bash -c ‘function1′ but the output is ‘/bin/bash: function1: command not found” I have placed ‘source /pathtofile’ in /root/.bashrc, /root/.profile /etc/bash.bashrc but the file is still not sourced. Also tried to run bash –login option, […]

Docker container data lost on host restart

I have docker container with redis server running on ubuntu server that keep track of a counter that is incremented by a node js app also running in a container. It works well when i launch my ubuntu host all the containers redis + nodeapp are automatically started. Visiting an url, I am able to […]

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