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Docker container not seeing files in volume on the host

I have a docker container running which I have created with volumes on the host. I can see the files in the container but whenever I try to access the file from the browser, I get a “not found” error”. Here is my docker file: FROM ubuntu:12.04 MAINTAINER james M <jamesmod_23@gmail.com> RUN apt-get update RUN […]

npm install receiving type error when using docker

I have pulled down the latest ubuntu docker image and I have installed node, npm, etc on the image. I am trying to do an npm install on my project. I keep receiving 3 errors like this. I will only show the first time it appears. path.js:7 throw new TypeError(‘Path must be a string. Received […]

Docker env variables not set while log via shell

In my settings file i am getting env variables like this ‘NAME’: os.environ[‘PG_DBNAME’], # Database I am setting in docker file like this -e PG_DBNAME= “mapp” Now The web app work fine If i log into shell via docker exec … bash then env variables are also set But if i log in via ipaddress […]

Can SSH in but not out of docker container: network unreachable

Real docker noob here, trying to get an ubuntu container that can be accessed via SSH. I’m using an image using this dockerfile and building & running it with docker build -t sshable ~/PATH/” and “docker run –name test -t sshable I can ssh out to the host and a VM on it just fine […]

How to setup dinghy for docker on Ubuntu 16.04?

I have setup docker, docker-machine, docker-engine, brew on ubuntu 16.04 system successfully. I am trying to setup dinghy using below command. $ brew tap codekitchen/dinghy $ brew install dinghy But not able to setup dinghy. Please suggest.

remote server returned 400 bad request for apache2 in ubuntu

I am doing a file upload to my server in WPF. I am not showing this code because it worked for my localhost, so it seems like my server config is bad. My request arrives in this php script: upload.php: $target_dir = “/var/www/uploads/”; $target_file = $target_dir . $reg_id .”&”.$to .”&”. basename($_FILES[“file”][“name”]); $uploadOk = 1; $imageFileType […]

Docker can not run on Windows 10 linux child system

I just install the Windows 10 Anniversary update which has a new feature that linux child system. So I try to run docker in Windows 10 ubuntu bash(linux child system). Why I want to install docker in linux child system is because: Windows 10 native docker 1.12 need Hyper-V, but Vmware couldn’t run if Hyper-V […]

docker container not able to write on host machine

If I run the following code, I can convert the csv file into a format that I require. import csv import json csvfile = open(‘/tmp/head.csv’, ‘r’) jsonfile = open(‘/tmp/file.json’, ‘w’) fieldnames = (“user”,”messageid”,”destination”,”col1″, “col2”, “code1″,”code2”, “mydate”, “status”) reader = csv.DictReader( csvfile, fieldnames) for row in reader: jsonfile.write(json.dumps(row)) When I run the code at command prompt, […]

Docker – automount guest's fstab entries on boot

I have set up my docker ubuntu image and run it in privileged mode. My problem is: inside my container, I’ve added a CIFS share entry inside on fstab file. If I manually run mount -a from inside my container, the volume will be mount ok… but, at startup of my container (from docker) the […]

Generate all locales in a docker image

How can one generate all locales in a debian/ubuntu based docker image? locale-gen doesn’t accept the -A/–all option as described here: http://www.linuxhowtos.org/manpages/8/locale-gen.htm. dpkg-reconfigure locales has an option to generate all locales in the interactive mode, but this is not available in a Dockerfile. Just generating English or a fixed set of languages isn’t enough and […]

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